Friday, March 14, 2014

Down the Bayou Lacquer/May the polish be Ever in Your color:Part2

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Today I bring you Part 2 of the "May the Polish be Ever in Your Color":collection by Down the Bayou Lacquer. Some of the polishes had to be reformulated and sent to me. It was totally worth the wait.If you missed Part 1 of my review click here. Now lets take a look below.
"The Rebellion"
The Rebellion, a symbol of defiance and bloodshed, a rise against the Capital.
This is a brick red creamy subtle holo polish. I applied two light coats and no top coat. This beauty is absolutely hands down my favorite color in this whole collection. Jodi has switched out mica for something even more amazing that allows a smooth and shiny application. I had ZERO issues with this formula.I really felt choked up when I had to take this polish off. I love everything about this polish. It's Perfection!!
"Real or Not Real"
Peeta's favorite color that's the color of the sunset.Real or Not Real,you tell me.
This is a peach/orange cream polish with golden shimmer.I applied two light coats with no top coat. This polish is stunning. It has a subtle shimmer that adds character to the color. The formula is very smooth.
"Twisted Freedom"
When you are forced to kill to be free and fight for your life, that pretty much describes Twisted Freedom.
This is a baby blue creamy polish with a touch of holo. I applied two coats and a top coat. I took this polish outside in the sun and the holo seems to be hidden in the pretty blue cream so no sun shots were taken.
"Rue's Song"
This is the reformulated version. This color is on my first review on this collection. It didn't have enough holo so Jodi added a bit more. You can see the holo a lot more than you could with the first batch of Rue's Song. It gives off a small shimmer in the sun which is nice. Note that this color does stain your nails. Be sure to double up on your favorite base coat. I applied two coats with a top coat,no undies.

I am telling you, Jodi has really made some improvements this year. She has switched to a new formula and ordered new labels, wide brushes and matte caps for her bottles. I don't make her polishes look pretty, they make my nails look pretty. I am proud to review for Jodi, she is a sweetheart and a hard worker. She is so driven and keeps going no matter what and I respect that. To read up on more of this collection check out Down the Bayou Lacquer's shop and social media sites. Link will be posted below. If you missed my first half of my review on this collection  click here. 

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