Monday, February 24, 2014

Wingin' It Lacquer:Holographic Lacquers

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Today I have more wondrous Wingin' It Lacquer polishes to show you. This post will be featuring nothing but holographic polishes. Some of these polishes are not yet released but will be soon. Lets take a look below.

"Blue Steel"
This is a STUNNING blue holographic polish with golden flakes. All I can do is just (GASP!). This polish can't be more perfect. This is my absolute favorite of all time. It just excites me when I look at everything that is going on in this color.I applied 2 light coats. The formula is amazing. In natural lighting the golden flakes pop out the most but in directs sunlight the holo shows it's glory. You can't go wrong wearing this color. I think I need a polish like this in every color. I really do. This color has not been released yet but it will be soon.OH! I forgot to mention that I stamped over it. I used Konad Black stamping polish with my SA-17 plate.

"Burning Sage"
This is is a light pea green holographic polish with a soft pink shift. You know, I really can appreciate a polish that has more than one look to it. It really just blows my mind. I think the pink shift adds the perfect touch to this color. I am really digging these shifty holo polishes. I applied 3 light coats with a top coat. This polish is available to purchase.

This is a sexy deep red holographic polish. The name describes the color all to perfectly. I applied 2 light coats with a top coat, The formula is so amazing . This color is not available just yet but will be soon.

I really think that Crystal of Wingin' It Lacquer did an AMAZING job creating these colors. I get tickled just writing about them. LOL (Tickled....Over Joyous, I think you get what I'm try say Hhahaha) I hope to see more stunning colors in the future but until then I will be stalking her page waiting. What do you think of these colors? Which ones are your fav?

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Unboxing: Accio Lacquer's 1 Year Blog Giveaway Prize

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Well I have something exciting to show and share with you today. Accio Lacquer had a EPIC giveaway celebrating her blog turning a year old. Of course I entered not even thinking I had a chance on winning,till that one day when her giveaway was over I received a notification on my Facebook. I checked it, someone had tagged me on Accio Lacquers post. I carefully read what the post said and it was a list of names of all the lucky winners of her giveaway. I saw my name!!!! I had to double check just to make sure I was not seeing things and what do you know, it was really my name.I immediately checked my email and responded quickly.I was extremely excited!! 
Anyway....My package arrived and I opened it slowly making the surprise last longer,just taking in the moment.You better believe I was enjoying every minute of unboxing my goodies. You wanna know what I got??? I received prize #4!!! Ready for the unboxing? Of course you are. Lets begin!
The arrival of my winnings
The inside of the box after opening.
Unwrapping it there was a small card with my name on it with a lot of pretty decorative paper.
I thought this was really cool. On the back of my card there is a silver stamp sealing my card closed. I need to know where to buy the supplies for that so I can just stamp everything in site, hahahaha
Inside the box.
These are cards from every sponsor in Accio Lacquer's giveaway. These cards were neatly placed in a small white envelope.
This is what was wrapped neatly in bubble wrap in the box. Ekkkkk! In this photo I have only tried 3 of these brands but not the same colors. I am so happy that I get to try out brands that I have never tried before and that I get to try out new beautiful colors.
  1. Lucky 13 Lacquer/You Can't Take the Sky from Me (Never Tried Brand)
  2. Gothic Gala Lacquers/Odin(New Color:Tried Brand)
  3. Accio Lacquer/Space Hippies(Never Tried Brand)
  4. Fandom Cosmetics/Wailing Woman(Never Tried Brand)
  5. LynBDesigns/Time and Relative Dimension in Space(Tried Brand)
  6. Dollish Polish/Indian Corn(New Color:Tried Brand)
  7. Digital Nails/Ain't Nobody Got Time for That top coat(Never Tried Brand)

More nail Polish!!! Oh Yeahhhhhhh!!!
  1. The Lady Varnishes/Guard An Empty Home(Tried Brand:New Color)
  2. Digital Nails/Nightmare in Silver(Never Tried Brand)
  3. Philly Loves Lacquer/Chag Urim Sameach!(Tried Brand)
  4. Geek Chic Cosmetics/Venus Love Me Chain(Never Tried Brand)
  5. Polish Revolution/What Alice Found(Never Tried Brand)
  6. Silly Bee's Chichadees/Velvet Violet(Never Tried Brand)
The Last 4!!
  1. Sweet Heart Polish/41+1(Tried Brand:New Color)
  2. Nail Pattern Boldness/Happy Birthday Accio 2013(Tried Brand:NewColor)
  3. Digital Nails/Aguamenti(Never Tried Brand)
  4. A Study In Polish/Consulting Criminal(Never Tried Brand)
A baggie full of candy and a glass file from Lucky 13 Lacquer and some cotton squares. This is my first ever glass file. I can't wait to try it out, and let me tell you, that candy didn't make it to the next day. My kids and I had it gone in five minutes. LOL

This prize I won is HUGE!!! I was dancing and jumping up and down everywhere once I found out I was 1 of the 7 winners. What would you do? I have never received a package like this in my life and I am so thankful!! Stay tuned for some swatches of these babies.I'm sure there will be a Part 1 and Part 2. It may take me some time but I'll git-r-done.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mish and everyone that was a sponsor in her giveaway!! I love all my beautiful polishes and gifts. I couldn't be happier. Now you are going to have to excuse me, I have a lot of new pretties to try on.

Visit Accio Lacquers Facebook HERE

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wingin' It Lacquer:DuoChromes

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How are you?!? Today I have some beautiful duo-chrome polishes from Wingin' It Lacquer. These are new colors that are soon to be released in her shop. They are just absolutely gorgeous. Lets take a look below.
This is a dark hunter green duo-chrome with a subtle brownish/reddish shift.I applied 2 light coats and a top coat. This polish has a great formula and applied smoothly.
This is stunning dark blue duo-chrome polish with a subtle purple shift. I applied 2 light coats with a top coat. This is one of my favorites out of the 3.
"Blue Lagoon"
This is a very dark tealish color with a blue shift. I applied 2 light coats with a top coat. This polish was a tad thick which made it just a streaky but you can add a few drops of thinner if you want. Look at that chrome just popping out!!!! I just love it!!

Altogether I really loved the colors. Duo-chromes are a high demand polish and why wouldn't it be? They shift to beautiful shades of colors that will surely catch your eyes.Which color above is your fav?

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spellbound Nails/Drunken Leprechaun Duo

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I have had a great weekend, I hope you enjoyed yours as well. We didn't to anything exciting but we did stay at home and relaxed with our family and to me that's a good time. lol Today I will be showing you Spellbound Nails:Drunken Leprechaun Duo. Who here is ready for St. Patrick's Day? If not you get can ready with this duo. You can preorder it now through the 22nd of February. Ready to see what these beauties look like? Lets take a look below!

"Lucky Charm"
This is a light green glow in the dark polish holo polish.I applied 3 light coats to get it fully opaque with a top coat. This polish does glow but I could not capture the glow on camera. I really need to find me  a black light so I will be able to take better photos and capture that glow. The glow is very faint but Ashley from Spellbound nails mentioned  that she will be getting some new glow in the dark pigment that has a stronger and more brighter glow than our samples do and that's what will be sold in the shop.
"Magically Delicious" 
This is a dark green glow in the dark holo polish. I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.
I did some nail art with the duo. On my pointer finger I used Lucky Charm with a stamp over it. On my middle finger I used Lucky Charm and Magically Delicious and did an ombre technique and then stamped over it. My ring finger I did a tap mani using both Lucky Charm and Magically Delicious and added some golden dots. Lastly my pinky finger,this has Lucky Charm with lime green dots and a stamp over it. I know....a lot is going on here in this mani but I just couldn't resist.

What did you think of the Drunken Leprechaun Duo? I loved the colors and the formula and it was so fun to using both colors in my nail art.Don't forget that you can pre-order this duo until the 22nd of February!!

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