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the Lady Varnishes polish Review

Hello Ladies and Gents!!!
I hope everyone had a great and safe Memorial weekend. We had a Crawfish Boil at our house. We live in the south cant you tell. LOL  My kids has a blast playing with their cousins throwing water balloons and swimming. We had a great time!
Any Whooo lets talk some polish! 

I have received 3 full size polishes  from
the Lady Varnishes
I was just browsing through Facebook and came across her page. I saw her creations and   my jaw dropped. Her polish is so beautiful in my opinion. Her polish varies in price from the lowest being $8.50 to $11.00. The bottles are 15 ml. The polish came packaged really cute and color coordinated. For those that are OCD you would fall in LOVE! The polish even has cute charms hanging from the bottle!!!

So who is ready to see some of those beautiful polishes the Lady Varnishes sent me? Lets take a look!

The colors from left to right are:
In The Sea, Always Dreaming & Greenwood Hospitality
You can clearly see what I was talking about. The bags match the color of the polish and the charms that are dangling from the bottles match the color of the polish as well.
AMAZING!!!!! & Very Fancy I must add

This polish is called: In The Sea 
It does remind me of when I watched the Discovery Channel and they took the cameras deep deep under the sea. The water would have white specs floating around in the darkest of the dark water.
This polish is from the : How She Sparkles Collection

I applied 3 coats to get this finish but 2 coats does the job too
You can purchase this polish for $8.50

There is different sizes of glitter all mixed very well in the formula 
This polish went on smooth and I had no trouble cleaning around my nails and there was no clumping. I did not apply a top coat on top of this polish. It does not need it. No Undies

This color is called: Always Dreaming
It is more of a lavender color and very easy on the eyes.
I like this color because its a soft color and its not bright
This polish is from the: How She Sparkles Collection

The polish has large flakes and various sizes of  matte hexes in the colors of white, purple and blue
This can be purchased for $8.50

I used 3 coats for this finish. Like I said applying 2 coats is just as good. I'm Just a tad OCD and like applying 3 coats. No Undies and I used a top coat

This color is called: Greenwood Hospitality
Its a beautiful shade of green. JUST Beautiful. One of my favorites!
It applied very easily and I did use a top coat.

I applied 3 coats of course.
This polish is from the : How She Sparkles Collection
It has gold shimmer flakes and brown, green and maroon hexes in the mix
Very pretty right. I think so!

I did not use undies
This can be purchased for $8.50

What makes the Lady Varnishes even more awesome and unique from all the other indie makers is that With a purchase of 4 or more bottles of polish in 1 order, you will receive a free silver or copper (your choice) chain to turn your charm into a necklace. Just let her know which one you would like before placing your order. Her name is Kirsten and she is very sweet.

I am in LOVE with all the varieties of colors she has. She has so many to choose from. I just know it will be hard for you to choose just one.

If you would like to check out her shop and Facebook I will post the links below to direct you where you need to go.

The Lady Varnishes Facebook Page: 

The Lady Varnishes Esty Shop:

The Lady Varnishes Email addy:

Now Go Go!! Check out all the pretties she has. I guarantee you will find something you will love.
Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed today's review 

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Sweet Heart Polish Review !

           Today I am introducing you to a new and upcoming polish company called
Sweet Heart Polish.
Sweet Heart Polish has a polish line out at the moment. She has sent me some polish of hers to review. She has a variety of polish in her shop. Her polish is 5-Free and cruelty free. She has glitter top coats to full coverage glitter and a couple solid colors . You  can purchase her polish for $8 a piece and they are 13.5 ml.
Now on to some swatches!!!
This polish is called Spring Pretty
Now this polish is not available at the moment due to sinking glitter but I have to say its one of my favorites.
I used 3 coats 
This polish has little butterflies and square shaped glitter 
The formula goes are real smooth and I did not have any problems getting the butterflies out using the brush.

The polish from from left to right are called:
Glamorous, Awe-Some, 9er <3, Open Waters and She's So Flakey

This is Glamorous  as the top coat.  I used 1 coat of Glamorous over SinfulColors/Sweet Tooth
The formula was perfect. Not thick at all
Glamorous has circular glitter and purple star glitter. It also has small square glitter mixed with small golden glitter 

This glitter top coat is called Awe-Some
I love the mixture of shapes. It has little green moons, white rectangular 
glitter, Black Stars and green squared glitter.
Awe-Some has a faint green tint it is in no way clear.
Awe-Some is topped over SinfulColors/Innocent
The formula was a bit thick so this polish will be a LE (Limited Edition)
Its so pretty
I used 3 coats

This polish is called 9ers <3 <--- That's supposed to be a heart LOl
I used 2 coats Of 9ers <3 over SinfulColors/Cotton Candy
This polish has a mixture of white and red hearts and gold and red glitter
This polish is also a full coverage glitter

This is called Open Waters 
It is a beautiful blue shimmer polish
I used 3 Coats
Its a very smooth formula. Its very easy to apply

This flake top coat is called She's So Flakey
I applied 1 coat of She's So Flakey over SinfulColors/Black on Black


Like what you see?
Show Sweet Heat Polish some Love
Visit her pages and sites below:

Sweet Heart Polish Facebook:

Sweet Heart Polish Esty Shop:

Thank you all for reading!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Polish Addict Review Part 2

Part 2

As I said I would have a Part 2 Review of Polish Addict. I am feeling very productive today so I hope you enjoy all my posts and photos. As I mentioned in Part 1, I purchased all the polish and  they were not given to me to review. I happen to come across a HUGE sell Polish Addict was having. I snagged all 4 for a great price.

I am a sucker for white crellys with colorful glitter 
This one is called Pretty Little Glitters
I used 3 coats
I dont know but there is something about  white crellys that make me want some smooth vanilla ice-cream. LOL

I purchased this color for only $4
This color went on easy. I had no issues with with the glitter getting the formula clumpy 

This polish is called 80's Baby
It is a clear base glitter with multi shapes and colors
I used 2 coats
I bought this for only $4
 I applied the 80's Baby over 2 coats of Aly's Dream Polish Hottest Pink

I hope you have enjoyed all the beautiful colors and glitters today.

You can check out Polish Addict polish in the links below!
Have a GREAT week!

My Overnight Addiction To Polish Facebook:

Polish Addict Bigcartel Shop:

Polish Addict StoreEnvy Shop:

Thank you all for reading!!!

Polish Addict Review Part 1

Part 1


There is no better way then to start off a Monday with tons of swatches and a great review. I think we all can agree on that. I have some polish from Polish Addict to share with you today. Every bottle is 15 ml and I purchased when she had a HUGE sale going on. Since I did buy so many and I have so many pictures I will do a Part 1 and Part 2 for you all.

Today I am reviewing 4 polishes from Polish Addict. I did purchase these and they were not given to me for a review.These polishes are all handmade.(Indie polish) Lets get started with some swatches!

This polish is called Spiced Cocoa. 
It is a Mixture with brown and red
I do not see it in her store anymore. I think it is now discontinued because I did purchase it during a huge sale she had.
I paid only $3 for it but it is so worth it because its gorgeous. 
The original price was $9 Or $10

I used only 2 coats
It does have a tad of shimmer to it

This is called Dream-cicle
It is a soft cream orange color with multicolored glitter scattered everywhere.
I used 3 coats
The clean up was fairly easy

 I paid $4

So that's it for my Part 1 of the Polish Addict Review
Stay tuned for Part 2

What you can expect to see on Part 2 is
Pretty Little Glitters
80's Baby

My Overnight Addiction To Polish:

Polish Addict Bigcartel Shop:

Polish Addict StoreEnvy Shop:

I thought I would make it easier for my readers and post the link to the Part 2 Preview down below
I hope you like it: