Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hit Polish Review

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I have 3 stunning new polish colors to show you today from Hit Polish. Rachel the creator of Hit Polish sent me them to review for her. These 3 polishes are just a few that will be released August 30th and I cant wait for you to see the rest of the beauties she has created. Lets take a look at the polish I had the honor of trying out. Lets Go!
The polish was packaged in a little cute decorative paper bag and as an extra I received this Hit Polish Nail Lacquer magnet that is posted above in the photo.
From left to right we have..Blue Bayou, Hot Chocolate Truffle and 
Sunset Over Sedona

Are you ready to see swatches of these beautiful polishes??
Of course you are. Lets take a look.
This is called Hot Chocolate Truffle
This is a dark brown shimmer polish with tiny micro flakes to add that sparkle we all need  in our life. 
I have been wanting a dark brown polish for so long now and this polish is perfect. Its not a boring brown by any means. 
I applied 3 coats of polish even though 2 coats is enough. The formula was smooth and easy to apply.
This polish is defiantly my favorite out of three. Im obsessed with browns at the moment.

This polish is called Sunset Over Sedona
This redish colored polish has tons of multi-colored hexed glitter with a variety of sizes. It is a a 3 coater but you can also use it as a top coat if preferred. 
I free handed a tree with a bird flying across the sky while it looks like the sun is setting in the back ground. Its not the best art But  you can see what I was aiming for lol. At least I hope you do. LOL
This polish is called Blue Bayou
This dark blue polish has alot of sparkle. It has square and hex glitters with all different sizes and colors.
This polish is a 2 coater and was easy to apply. It was not to thick and there was no clumping of the glitter. The formula is Perfecto!!  I love it
I had to add some nail art. I made little waves to make it look like blue watered bayou. I'm lacking nail art skills a bit but I made it to reflect the name of the polish.
All polish made by Hit Polish is 3 free

My first experience with Hit Polish was amazing. I cant wait for all of you to see the many more colors that will be releasing August 30th.

Keep an eye out for Hit Polishes new collection

You can follow Hit Polish on Facebook HERE 
Hit Polish Instagram HERE
Shop Hit Polish HERE & Esty shop HERE

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Marilyn Monroe Nail art

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Today I have a mani that is pretty cool if I say so myself. I have been experimenting with the stamping decal method so today's mani  will be based on that. Making the decals can be very difficult and time consuming when first starting out but I think Im getting the hang. I think I had to make one of the decals 3 times because I kept either crushing or dropping it before it dried. Hahaha

I did a Marilyn Monroe mani. For those that are not familiar with this famous beauty fashionista here is a little bio about her.

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and singer, who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s.
 With all that being said..... lets take a look at the results
This is my Marilyn Monroe mani.
The ring fingers decal has no face lol That is just the way the plate I used is made. I did use the stamping decal method on that finger and my index finger. The other 2 fingers were just stamped regularly.


  • HK Girl Top Coat
  • China Glaze/White On White
  • Julep/Clara
  • Julep/Leila
  • Konad/White
  • Konad/Red
  • Konad/Black
  • Mundo de Unas/Gold
  • Butter London/Matte Finish

To make the stamping decals and to do the stamping I used plates from...
  • MoYou/Pro Collection-10
  • Handy 39 plate from/Mundo de Unas
  • Cheeky Plate A
You can purchase the plates Moyou HERE
Mundo de Unas plates HERE

Just an FYI to purchase from Mundo de Unas you need to send her a friends request and she has photos of all the product she sells in her Facebook albums. Just send her a message of what you would like to order. She is in Mexico so it will take a few weeks before you get your order.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Neon Mani Challenge

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Over the weekend I have been a busy bee. This will be mani #2 that was done over the weekend. I saw that my friend over at The Nail Files by Lynda has a Mani Monday Challenge and this Mondays challenge theme is Neon Manis. So I thought I would try it out. Lets take a look at what I came up with.

For the neon polish I used both polishes made by Creations by Lynda. I had the neon pink custom made.
The yellow colored one is called Lemon Drop.
The Pink one is called Minaj
I stamped over both colors with stamping polish made by Mundo De Unas
The color of the polish is called Aqua.
I was surprised how perfect it looks with the neons

  • Mundo de Unas/ Aqua
  • Creations By Lynda/Minaj
  • Creations By Lynda/Lemon Drop
  • Hk Girl top coat

Stamping Plate from Fab Ur Nails
Plate/ Fun 4

I hope you enjoyed this mani as much as I did creating it!

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Hello Kitty Nail Art

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Over the weekend I have tried something that is new to me. I have seen many people do this technique and I had to try it. It is called the Stamping decal technique. 
What this is is a newer method to add more color to your stamping images.
This is how to make them...
  • Choose an image you want on your stamping plate
  • Apply your polish, scrape and stamp to your stamper
  • Leave the image on your stamper
  • Color in your image with polish or acrylic paint
  • Let Dry
  • Then apply top coat over the image and wait for it to dry
  • Peal the decal off the stamper
  • Cut the decal to fit your nails
  • Apply top coat on your nails and apply the decal to the wet topcoat
  • Then apply top coat over your nails to seal it all together
With all that being said lets take a look at my finished results. Keep in mind this was my first time. I am not a pro by any means . LOL

The Index finger I did mess up on. I did apply the decal on the wrong side. LOL So be sure you apply the painted side on the top coat. The ring finger is also done by the decal technique. I think its pretty good for my first time but there is always room for improvement. The middle finger and my pinky nail are just stamped regularly.
Im not a huge fan of Hello Kitty but I thought What the Hell. 
A friend of mine over at Creations By Lynda LOVES Hello Kitty so I did them for her.
Lets look below at all the products I used to make this mani.
  • Above The Curve/Kiss My Asteroid 
  • SinfulColors/Tokyo Pearl
  • HK Girl Top Coat
  • Mundo De Unas/ Mexican Pink stamping polish
  • Konad/Black stamping polish
  • Indigo Bananas/A Thousand Dreams
My Online Shop sells this plate along with alot others.
I used 2 of the images on this plate for my mani.
This is plate V

That is all!!
 If you have any questions feel free to ask

My Online Shop: PURCHASE HERE 

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Devil Wears Polish (formerly Polished Dreams and Life Things): The Devil Wears Polish < (that's me!) Holo Swatche...

The Devil Wears Polish (formerly Polished Dreams and Life Things): The Devil Wears Polish < (that's me!) Holo Swatche...: Hey peeps! My poor blog is quite neglected, but far from forgotten. I've been busy trying not to give myself a stroke, heart attack, or ...

Tiger and Cheetah Nail Art

Hello and welcome back!
Last night I had a HUGE scare. I logged in to my blogger account and a box popped open saying my account was suspended. I was in tears and couldn't believe it. With help of some friends I did not give up and I kept trying everything I could to get my blog back.
Thank you all so much for all of the support.
We all know that is a bloggers worst nightmare when something happens to our blog. (Our baby.)
I am so happy be back. 

On another note I have been experimenting with stamping plates. I bought a good amount of stamping plates from various store on the internet. I am in love and now addicted with stamping. It is alot of fun once you get the hang. This plate I stamped with today I bought from Ebay for $5.00.
Lets look at what supplies I used to create the mani.
I used......
  • China Glaze/White On White
  • Konad stamping polish/Black
  • HK Girl top coat
  • Bondi/Chasing The Sun
  • Konad stamping polish/Brown

This is the stamping plate that I purchased from Ebay
This plate is amazing and easy to use. The image come up perfectly on the stamper I used.
What I did was paint 3 of my nails white with China Glaze/White on White and painted my ring finger orange with Bondi/Chasing The Sun
I applied HK Girl top coat to speed up the drying process
Next I used Konad/Black to stamp over the white and Konad/Brown to stamp the Cheetah.
 You can just see how great the tiger and the cheetah came out. To use this plate I think the animal images will  only work best with longer nails because of how big they are.

If you would like to purchase this plate just click HERE
They ship out super fast and I got my pate in no time.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nail art with Fab Ur Nails Stamping Plate

Hello everyone!!
Today I am doing something a little different then most of my posts. A little nail art tutorial if you will.
I have been waiting almost a week to show all of you this but my husband had to take his computer to work with him. Where is my computer you ask? Well....... Its broken but will be fix soon. (Hopefully)
Anyway I recently made my first purchase from Fab Ur Nails. That company makes AWESOME stamping plates for your nails. I have been waiting to get my hands on their plates for a long long time . I am fairly new to the stamping world but HEY! I am having fun with it. It can be either addicting or something you just dont dig. Ya dig.
Lets take a look at what supplies I used first.
I used........
  • HK Girl Top Coat
  • Konad Stamping polish/Black
  • Nicole by OPI/Neon Pink
  • Sinfulcolors/Inkwell
  • Mexican Pink stamping polish by Mundo de Unas

I also used......
  • Stamping plates from Fab Ur Nails $18.00 at Llarowe
  • Striping tape

  • What I did first off was I painted all my nails (BUT) the ring finger with SinfulColors/Inwell
  • I painted my ring finger with Nicole by OPI/Neon Pink
  • Then Let them dry
  • Next I applied 2 strips of striping tape across each tip on my fingers.
  • Then I applied 2 coats of Nicole by OPI/Neon Pink over all my nails (BUT) my ring finger
  • Then I immediately and carefully pulled the tape off
  • I still had tape on my ring finger so I painted over the tape with SinfulColors/Inkwell and then carefully pulled the tape off
  • I applied HK Girl top coat which sped up the drying process
  • Then I busted out my Fab Ur Nails stamping plate. I used the XOXO designs
  • I used Konad/Black to stamp all my fingers BUT my ring finger
  • I used Mundo De Unas/Mexican Pink to stamp my ring finger
  • The I let them dry and added HK Girl top coat
I had so much fun with this. The stamping plates from Fab Ur Nails are FABULOUS.
They are so easy to use and I didn't have any problems with the images not picking up.
I definitely will be buying more in the near future.
The stamping polish that I bought from Mundo de Unas was strong smelling 
(Like gasoline) but did a great job stamping over dark colors. That also was a breeze to use but at the same time you need a breeze to paint your nails with that polish becuase the smell is so strong. If you notice that smell please let me know. I feel like Im the only one who notices the smell. She mentioned to me she will let her supplier know so they can fix the issue. Let me know what you think. The polish can be purchased for $3.00 a piece and they ship from Mexico
If you would like to take a look or purchase from Fab Ur Nails or Mundo de Unas I will post links to direct you to the right place.
All of the items in this review/tutorial were purchased by me and was not sent for any reviewing purposes.
To place an order with Mundo de Unas you will need to send her a Facebook message.
She has photos of everything she sells in her albums on Facebook

Fab Ur Nails Facebook HERE
To Purchase Fab UR Nails plates go to Llarowe's Esty Shop
Mundo de Unas Faceboook Page HERE

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