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Down the Bayou Lacquer/May the Polish Be Ever in Your Color:Collection

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Today I have a huge collection to share with you by Down the Bayou Lacquer. This collection is called "May the Polish Be Ever in Your Color". This collection is inspired by the Hunger Games book series. This collection has 13 polishes, one for each district. I will not have all 13 polishes on my review today. There will be a part 2.
For those that have not read the books or seen the movies I will try not to go into great detail so I wont spoil any juicy details.I have read all the books and Jodi actually let me borrow the first book. After reading that one I could not stop reading. The books are that good. As for the first Hunger Games movie, I was not that happy with it.I have not seen the other movies but I'm hoping that they are better than the first one. My advice to you is, read the books first. You wont regret it.
Now lets check out this amazing collection!!!!
"Betting on You"
Cinna, Katniss's personal stylist/friend told her before the 75th annual Hunger Games,"I'm still betting on you".
This polish has a clear base with black hexes,black squares, dots and donut shaped sequence glitter. I applied one coat of Betting on You over two coats of Pure Ice/Siren with top coat.Everything applied smoothly.
"Madge's Pin"
You can only wear one thing from your district to remind you of home, so Katniss's friend Madge gave her a gold pin that had a mockingjay on it.
This polish has a clear base with various shapes of gold glitters. I applied one coat of Madge's Pin over 1 coat of LVX/Virdis and top coat.I had no issues getting glitter on my brush at all.
"Bloodbath at the Cornucopia"
The Cornucopia Bloodbath is an event that happened in the beginning of every Hunger Games. Do you dare to stop and get food and weapons or should you run???
This has a clear base with various sizes of red glitter and flakes. I applied one coat of Bloodbath at the Cornucopia over 2 coats of Suck My Peach and added a top coat. I had no issues with this polish.
"Catnip" is a nick name that Katniss's best friend Gale calls her.
This polish has a clear base with green and gold flakes and glitter. I applied one coat of Catnip over one coat of Julep/Brielle. There was absolutely no fishing for any glitter. Everything came out on the brush in one dip.
"Night Lock Berries"
Night Lock Berries are a very poisonous berry. It's so poisonous that if you eat it you will die. You don't want to mistakenly this put this berry in your camping bag.
This is a blurple jelly base with donut sequence glitter,fuchsia flakes,pink dots and purple/blue iridescent shimmer. I applied 2 to 3 coats followed by a top coat. These donut glitters are a tad thicker than the black ones. They do pop out a little but applying top coat with help it look smooth.
"Stay Alive"
Stay Alive is the only or best advice Haymitch/(Katniss's mentor) has to give her before she enters into the dreadful Hunger Games.
This is a clear base glitter topper with various colors of dots and hexes. I applied one coat of Stay Alive over two coats of Essie/Cascade Cool.
"Rue's Song"
Rue's Song was used to tell her fellow harvesters when the working day was over. It also was a way for her and Katniss to signal each other during the Hunger Games. 
This is a creamy yellow holographic polish. I applied 2 light coats. This color will stain your nails so be sure to double up on your base coat. Another thing about this polish is that the holo can not been seen. I brought this to Jodi's attention and she added more holo in the new batches sold in her shop.She is sending me a new one to swatch.It should be arriving soon.
"Tracker Jacker Venom"
Tracker Jacker Venom is a venom from mutated wasps. Tracker Jackers were used as a weapon during the war and the Hunger Games.
This polish is a clear base with scattered holo and a mixture of holographic flakes and dots. I applied one coat of Tracker Jacker Venom over one coat of LVX/Azzurrum.
"Girl On Fire"
Katniss Everdeen is known as the Girl On Fire due to her HOT  and Flaming costume during the opening ceremonies of the 74th Hunger Games.(Black and lit with lights that resemble flames)
This is a jet black crelly with a golden shimmer. I applied three light coats and applied a top coat. The formula was very smooth and applied nicely.
"The Stench of Roses"
President Snow reeks of white roses and blood.
This is a white base polish with subtle holo and purple/blue iridescent shimmer. I applied 2 coats and applied a top coat. This polish looks matte without a top coat. In the blogger batches there was not much shimmer so Jodi added more to the new batches in the shop. I also stamped over The Stench of Roses. The red represents blood and the white roses represents President Rose's signature rose.

This is not the whole collection. Jodi has sent me the rest that have been reformulated. There is a total of 13 polishes in this collection. 13 polishes represents all 13 districts. This collection was inspired by all the Hunger Games books. This collection is now available. My favorites out of this collection so far is "Betting on You" and "Bloodbath at the Cornucopia".

What did you think of this collection so far? Which ones are your favorite? Check out Down the Bayou Lacquer's sites below and be sure to follow her for update and future releases.

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