Monday, December 30, 2013

Sweet Heart Polish/30% Chance it's Already Raining & Vintage, so Adorable! Duo.

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It has been a very draining holiday break. So much going on I'm sure most of you understand where I am coming from. I do have a beautiful duo to share with you today made by Sweet Heart Polish. As of today they are listed in her shop for 15% off, you might want to go check that out before they are gone. Lets take a look below at the tons of photos I have to share with you.
"30% Chance It's Already Raining"
This is a full coverage glitter polish with pink and gold holographic glitters and coppery glitters in various sizes. I applied 3 coats with no undies. I also applied a top coat. I used "30% Chance It's Already Raining" as a top coat over another polish also. Those photos will be shown below.
This is 1 coat of "30% Chance It's Already Raining" over 1 coat of Julep/Brielle. These two polished are the perfect combo if you ask me.
"Vintage, So Adorable!"
This is a nice dusty rose shimmer polish with a slight purple flash. This would look gorgeous with "30% Chance It's Already Raining"over it. Why I didn't top it off with that? I have no idea!I clearly was not thinking. Ha! Anyway in the photos above I applied 3 coats with top coat. You can also apply this color over another color of your choice. I tried it out and "Vintage, So Adorable!" looks amazing either way. Photos of "Vintage, So Adorable!" over another color are below. Do keep in mind that this color is very sheer so you might want to apply 4 coats on it own.

This is 1 coat of "Vintage, So Adorable!" over 2 coats of Julep/Helen. Just beautiful. If you ever want to add some shimmer to a solid color to make it pop, I recommend you top it off with "Vintage, So Adorable!". 

All together this duo is beautiful. You can use these 2 colors is so many different ways. Be sure to check out Sweet Heart Polish's shop before the 15% discount on this duo is gone. If your like me you can't pass up a good deal. How would you wear these colors? Let me know in the comment box below. I would love to hear your feedback good or bad. Also,let me know if I am posting to many photos, I tend to do that a lot. Hahahaha

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Smokey Mountain Lacquer/Show Stopper

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Today I have a beautiful polish called Show Stopper made by Kim of Smokey Mountain Lacquers to share with you. This polish is now available in her shop and can be purchased for $9.50. To see more of her creations check out her shop here. Lets take a look at this gorgeous creation. I did forget to mention that it has been horrible weather here where I live so I did not get to take any photos in the sunlight. I sure do miss the sunny weather though, it has been rainy and cloudy for most of this month.

This is "Show Stopper" using flash. This is a burgundy red holographic polish. This has to be my favorite color Ever! This is truly the most beautiful and stunning color I have seen all year. Now,I was going to wait for the sun to come out on Tuesday and snap some photos of this but I just could not wait. I think using flash did it justice. I applied 2 light coats along with 1 coat of top coat. The formula is amazing and easy to apply. It does dry super fast and does not apply streaky at all.
                  "Show Stopper" with no flash in artificial lighting.

Overall this polish is amazing. I liked the formula and the color is just perfection. This beauty is definitely worth checking out.I have been wearing it for 4 days and it still has not chipped.For future sales and giveaways check out Smokey Mountain Lacquers Facebook and other social media sites. I will post them below to direct you to the right direction.

What did you think of this color? I would love your feedback and opinions on my review. Comment below and tell me what you think.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Polish Bar Holiday 2013 Collection Review Part 2

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Today I have a few more polishes to show you from The Polish Bar's Holiday 2013 Collection. These beauties are now available for purchase and was released on December 4th. You may or may not remember my first post on a couple of polishes from this collection. To check out my 1st post on this collection Click Here. This collection has 3 glitter toppers called "The Holiday Trio" and 4 holographic polishes. Get ready to have your mind blown. I have TONS of photos to share with you. These colors are beautiful and the formula is amazing!!! Lets take a look.
This is a very dark brown chocolate colored holographic polish. I applied 4 light coats to get it opaque. The formula is very smooth and easy to apply. This has a beautiful glossy finish. Top coat is optional if you would like to keep your manicure lasting longer.

"Merry and Bright"
This is a clear base glitter topper with muti-colored circular glitter and metallic green glitter in various sizes. I applied 1 coat of "Merry and Bright" over 2 coats of Julep/Misti. I also applied a top coat for the glossy finish. If you are a fan of circular glitter like I am then this polish is definitely for you. I did have to fish around for the circle glitters but I think that may have been because of the mini bottle and brush. I recommend rolling the bottle a little bit to stir up the glitters.

This is a sexy bright red holographic polish. This is a very feminine color and is the perfect color for the holidays. A black dress or suit with this color will definitely fit together perfectly. No need for jewelry, your nails are your accessory when wearing "Soiree". I applied 4 light coats. I applied 4 coats because I feel it was much more opaque and bolder this way. I also applied a top coat but non is needed for shine.

This is my 2nd time reviewing The Polish Bar's lacquers and I have only experienced good things. I love the formula and the colors. Everything applied wonderfully with no problems.I hope to review more in the future.To read my 1st review on The Polish Bar's Holiday 2013 Collection Click Here.

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