Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dollish Polish:Zombies Need Love Too.....And Brains Collection

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As you know Halloween is creeping up on us really quickly.Who does not love Halloween?It's possibly your favorite holiday!It's filled will scary costumes and candy and cute little kids running around everywhere on a SUGAR HIGH!Hmmmm...I've seem to have forgotten to mention one more thing.Oh I know,NAIL POLISH!!!!Not just any nail polish, spooky Halloween nail polish.
If you have been waiting all year to get your hands on some Halloween themed nail polish,you are in luck! Today I have a collection of 6 nail lacquers made by Dollish Polish to share with you.This collection is called "Zombies Need Love Too....And Brains".If you are obsessed with hungry,flesh ripping zombies,nail polish or Dollish Polish then you are in the right place and this collection is perfect for you.This collection is set to launch Saturday,September 27th and will be available through Halloween.Are you excited yet?Okay....lets take a look at these amazing shades below. 

'Zombies Eat Brains....You're Safe'
This is a antiqued blacked bronze polish with bronze and brass flakes and glitters.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.As soon as I read the name of this polish I started to giggle.I immediately thought of my sister. I so need to send her a bottle of this beauty. HAHA!!!
This polish applied perfectly with no issues.I think you can get away with applying 1 coat.When I applied the first application it was opaque and I was not going to apply a second coat but my OCD took over and I just had to.

'Got Brains?'
This is a smokey chocolate brown multi-chrome polish that has a green,turquoise and violet shifts.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.This has a very smooth formula that applies evenly.That shimmer though!*Drool*

'Zombies  Are  Were People Too'
This is a brilliant midnight blue with a purple flash,loaded with ultra fine micro glitters in shades of silver,periwinkle and blues.
I applied 2 light coats followed by a top coat.When I saw this color on my nails I was like, "*GASP*! Damn this color is breathtaking!!". This shade is hands down my favorite in this collection.I just can't help but get butterflies when I look at it.

This is a rich and creamy dark plum raisin colored polish.
I applied 2 light coats followed by a top coat.This polish does have a satin finish so a top coat is needed for the glossy finish.The name of this shade is perfect.This is the color I see after a zombie has ripped helpless people to shreds.Blood everywhere!Dried up and old blood dripping and scattered everywhere!!!!

'Zombies Only Like You For Your Brain'
This is a fun Autumn clear base glitter topper packed with grey,brown,dark green,plum,purple and burgundy glitters.
I applied 1 coat of 'Zombies only Like You For Your Brain' over 2 coats of NOM!NOM!NOM! followed but an application of top coat.

'If I Were a Zombie,I'd Eat You The Most'
This is a full coverage glitter polish packed with shades of moss,hunter green,silvers and a spatter of red.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.This polish applied evenly with no clumps or bumps.No undies!

If this collection doesn't scream Halloween I don't know what does.Zombies Need Love Too..And Brains is such a fun collection and the names of the polishes are genius.Are you dying to get your hands on these shades? They will be available for purchase Saturday,September 27th over at Dollish Polish's site.Be sure to check out all of Dollish Polish's social media sites for more information on this collection.The links are posted for you below.

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  1. I love these!!! I love anything zombie and anything nail polish, so this collection is pretty much perfect for me!