Friday, September 19, 2014

Creations By Lynda:Holo Falls Collection Swatches and Review

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I'm not sure how your weather has been but DANG! it has been raining here non stop for the past week.I'm not against rain but I would appreciate a sunny day.It's been all gloomy and when it's gloomy I just get sluggish.My dogs can't even use the bathroom outside,they refuse to step in the wet grass. I literally have to carry them out and set them on the ground. LOL Needless to say,they still used the bathroom on my floor.I tried but failed so out came the carpet cleaner.
Today I have a 6 piece Holo Falls Collection to share with you that's made by Creations By Lynda.This collection was released on September 5,2014.Each polish from this collection was inspired by something from the Fall Season.This whole collection is made up of all linear holos.Let's take a look at this collection below.

'I Won't Fade Away'
This is a golden yellow linear holo,inspired by a yellow leaf changing as it dies.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat. This is not my favorite polish in this collection. I really had a hard time with it. It applied streaky and the formula applied a bit awkwardly.Would I purchase this polish? No but don't get me wrong this is a beautiful color.

'Under the Harvest Moon'
This is a orange/red linear holo,inspired by September's harvest moon.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.I didn't have any issues with the formula.It applied nicely.This colors screams Fall.I really like this shade.

'Cocoa Everything'
This is a chocolate brown linear holo,inspired by hot cocoa and everything chocolate that happens in the fall.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.I had a wonderful experience with this shade. It applied perfectly and it had a beautiful full coverage finish.Would I purchase this shade?Absolutely!

'Goodbye to Green'
This is a olive green linear holo,inspired by the green that fades away in the fall/winter.
I applied 1,YES 1 light coat and a top coat.This shade/polish is just to die for.It's such a beautiful shade of green with the perfect amount of sparkle.Did I mention it's a 1 coater?It's perfection!!! The formula,the consistency is just oh so wonderful!!Would I purchase this you ask?Hell Yeah!! It's my favorite polish in this whole collection!!!

'Midnight Lake'
This is a midnight blue linear holo,inspired by the way water looks in the dark Autumn nights.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.This polish applied perfectly with no issues with the formula.Another polish that I love and I would definitely purchase this one.

'Don't Fall Berry Girl'
This is a berry colored linear holo,inspired by berries that show up on certain plants in the fall.
I applied 3 light coats followed by a top coat.This is a beautiful fall shade. It applies sheer but with a third coat you will get a full coverage finish.

This collection is now available for purchase in Creation By Lynda's shop. You can purchase the whole collection for only $78 or purchase them individually for only $14.
What do you think about this collection?Which shades are your favorites?Personally my favorites are Goodbye to Green and Midnight Lake.You can't go wrong with fall colors in my opinion. I'm just a big Fall fan. I love the smell of fall and the colors and just the atmosphere in general.You can say it's my favorite season.For more information on this collection be sure to check out all of Creation By Lynda's social media sites.The links are posted for you below.

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