Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chirality Nail Polish:Achromatopsia Syndrome Inspired Collection

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Today I have 4 new polishes made by Chirality Nail Polish.The new lacquers are inspired by Achromatopsia Syndrome,where only one can see only black,white and shades of grey.The release date for this collection will be September 20th and they will be available to purchase individually and in sets,both full size and mini in their Big Cartel shop.They also will be available for purchase in their Etsy shop but ONLY in Full size.
Let's take a look at these lacquers below!

This is a black jelly polish with various sizes and shapes of white glitter with micro holographic glitters.
I applied 3 light coats followed by a layer of top coat.This polish is so beautiful.It applied perfectly with no bumpiness.Your polish brush may grab more glitters than needed but all you have to do is spread them out or wipe the access off into the bottle. 

'White Noise'
This is a clear base glitter topper with various sizes and shapes of black and silver holographic glitters.
I applied 1 coat of White Noise over 1 coat of SinfulCoilors/Yes Officer followed by a layer of top coat.The glitter topper applied perfectly.My favorite thing about this glitter topper is the holographic black glitters.

'Blur the Technicolor'
This is a grey crelly packed with various sizes and shapes of white,black and grey glitter with micro holographic glitter.
I applied 2 light coats followed by a top coat.I love grey crellies,they all are beautiful no matter what colored glitters are in the mix.This formula is perfection.No clumps,the consistency is smooth and light and oh so shimmery.

This is a clear base glitter topper packed with grey,white and black with a touch of holo.
I applied 1 coat of Nosferatu over 2 coats of SinfulColors/Dream On.This glitter polish can also be applied on it's own for a more full coverage finish.

My favorites from this collection are Blur the Technicolor and Eyeborg,even though all of these polishes are fab.The only issue I had was that my brushes in the mini bottles were a little crooked.
These beauties will be available for purchase September 20th.For more information on these polishes,be sure to check out all of Chirality's social media sites.The links will be posted for you below.

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  1. I really like Nosferatu over the purple color. Very pretty!

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