Friday, May 30, 2014

Smokey Mountain Lacquers: Holo Top Coat Review

Hello and Welcome!!

Today I have a holographic top coat made by Smokey Mountain Lacquers to share with you!!Finally the sun comes out to where I can capture some holo-ness on some photos!!
You are going to love this top coat.It does not put off a dramatic rainbow effect but it does have the perfect amount of shine that is more than pleasing to the eye.
This top coat will cost $7.95 and is now available for purchase.
Lets' take a look below at this magnificent polish!! 

In these photos above I applied the 1 coat of the holo top coat over 1 coat of Julep/Sheila.
I took many photos of this color just because my sun shots kind of sucked,LOL My camera just wasn't having it.
Now,in these photos above I applied 1 coat of the holo top coat over 1 coat of SinfulColors/Rain Storm.
Crap I totally just dropped this bottle on my dogs when trying to read the label. LOL That was a wake-up call so to speak.Poor dogs was taking a nap right under me. Oops!

This top coat is one of the best that I have used so far.I only used 1 coat and it made my nails shine beautifully.If you would like to see more rainbow apply one more LIGHT coat.
For more information on this top coat or future release,be sure to check out all of Smokey Mountain Lacquers social media sites!

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Y'all Come Back!!


  1. I was just looking at their Etsy page a few mins ago and then came across your post. I wonder if it is a sign I should order from them

    1. It's definitely a sign Rebecca!♡ LOL This top coat wants to go home with you ;) Haha

  2. That topper sure does pack a good whollup of holo!!