Monday, May 5, 2014

Fandom Cosmetics Star Wars Collection

Hello and Welcome!!

Yes!Fandom Cosmetics has released a Star Wars Collection!! This collection is not new to the world since it has been released at Fandom Fest but it is a new collection for us that have never been to Fandom Fest.This collection has 4 stunning holos and was inspired by lightsabers. Now we can finally get our hands on these holo-goodness blends.Go ahead,take a look below!

"Keepers Of the Peace"
This is a sheer purple jelly holographic polish.
I applied 4 light coats and a top coat. This color is very sheer but build-able.The formula is thin so you can apply more than 4 coats without it getting thick.I should have applied more than 4 coats but I think the way I layered it looks perfect.
"I am Your Father"
This is a raspberry red jelly holographic polish.
I applied 3 light coats and applied a top coat.This polish does stain so be sure to apply two or three coats of a base coat and clean up quickly so the polish wont stain your skin.Other than the staining I noticed small bumps when I tested this polish on a swatch stick but then when I applied "I am Your Father" to my nails I didn't notice any bumps. I blame the swatch sticks. Haha
"There is No Try"
This is a dark lime green jelly holographic polish.
I applied 3 light coats and a top coat.Again I AM OBSESSED WITH GREEN HOLOS!!! Don't worry I'm not screaming at you,I am just so excited that a green holo is in this collection. It is beautiful,wonderful,dreamy and OH So Sparkly!I was just thinking,wouldn't it be so wonferful if my desk was painted and smothered in all green holo paint?What an awesome desk that would be,Huh!Only in my dreams:( Oh well I can dream can't I? LOL 
This is a dark blue jelly holographic polish.
I applied 3 light coats and a top coat. No staining,fast dry time and that sparkle are just a few things you have to look forward to when wearing "NOOOO".
Now look at this beautiful skittle mani I created with the whole Star Wars collection. This mani was inspired by Natasha of Fandom Cosmetics!After seeing her photos on Instagram I had to have a skittle mani too.

I had a lot of fun with this collection and I know you will fall in love with it like I did. Tell me,what colors do you Have to have?
For more information on new releases and giveaways,check out Fandom Cosmetics social media sites. Link will be provided for you below.

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Y'all Come Back!!


  1. Keepers of the Peace & NOOOO are so gorgeous!! I love that you swatched them all for one manicure. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Sara! The skittles mani had to be done, the color's were just to gorgeous not to.♡ It's one of my favorite mani's.