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Doctor Lacquer's CoHOLOrful Traits Collection Review

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Today I have Doctor Lacquer's CoHOLOrful Traits collection to show you. This collection is very unique.The reason I say it's unique is because every polish in this collection has two special effects,two of my favorite effects at that!Every polish in this collection is a holographic thermal. That's right!!!! Its a holographic polish that changes color with different temperatures.WAY COOL! This is my first experience ever using polish with these effects. I have to say,it's an experience that I will never forget. I had a BLAST playing around with this collection. 
All my photos that you will see below were taken in sunlight.Let me just tell you,it was not easy.I had to bring outside a bowl of ice and a cup of HOT water. As soon as I dipped my nails in the water and got the color the way I needed it to be,then dried my nails of quickly,the color would change. It was difficult to say the least to capture the colors staying one color or capturing them in transition BUT I did it! 
This collection is available for purchase. There is six beautiful colors to choose from,unless you choose to purchase them all.I think it would be extremely hard not to snatch them all up.
In this collection there is 3 colors that are Cold Sensitive and 3 colors that are Warm Sensitive. 
Not sure what that means?Well no worries,Doctor Lacquer had made an article to explain all the details.Click Here to read more info on the difference between WARM and COLD sensitive.
Lets take a look below at this color-shifting collection,shall we?
"Royal Luxury"
This is a cold-sensitive that shifts to carolina blue in (warm) to dusty purple in (cold) It is a thermal linear holographic polish.
I applied 3 coats with a top coat. This polish went on smoothly and dried fairly fast.
"Natural Flirt"
 This is a cold-sensitive mauve in (warm) to taupe in (cold) and is a  thermal linear holographic polish.
I applied 4 coats and a top coat and it dried quickly. Now you will notice I only have 2 photos. That is because the color transition was faint and I could not capture it fast enough. You can notice the transition in the photos above but cant actually see them in transition mode.
"Malicious Pleasure"
This is a cold-sensitive cotton candy pink in (warm) to salmon pink in (cold) and is a thermal linear holographic polish.
I applied 4 light coats and a top coat.This color also is faint when transitioning,the reason for only 2 photos.
Warm Sensitives
"True Compassion"
This is a warm-sensitive cobalt blue in (cold) to light cornflower in (warm) and is a thermal linear holographic polish.
I applied 3 light coats and a top coat. This color is my FAV! This color has such a strong holo effect and thermal transition. I think this polish is PERFECTION and I hated to have to take it off. I wanted to wear it forever.(pouting)
"Optimistic Youth"
 This is a warm-sensitive burnt orange in (cold) to pale chartreuse in (warm) and is a thermal linear holographic polish.
I applied 4 light coats and a top coat. This color also had a strong shift in color when in transition. This color reminds me of those apple suckers with the caramel smothering it,which I am now craving!If only I could get my hands on some right now I would be completely satisfied.
"Mysterious Love"
This is a warm-sensitive purple in (cold) to pink in (warm) and is a thermal linear holographic polish.
I applied 4 light coats and a top coat.This too has a strong shift in colors when transitioning

Overall I really really enjoyed this collection.Even though it was challenging to capture them in transition in the sun,I had a blast. I love a challenge and enjoyed watching them in action.The formula in this collection is thin which makes it build-able,which I love because some polishes can be to thick and still end up being too sheer. I had absolutely no problems with dry time,They actually dried pretty quickly. 
This collection is straight up BRILLIANT! I have been waiting to own polishes in this form and now they are all MINE!
Like what you see? Check out more beautiful lacquers and new releases by following Doctor Lacquer's media sites. Links will be posted below!!

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