Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cutting Edge Nails:Swatches and Review

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Today I have 3 beautiful polishes from the very sweet Sara from Cutting Edge Nails.Along with the polishes she sent me to review she sent me a nail art brush(which I desperately needed),glitter,water decals,and more stuff to create neat nail art.Sara if your reading this,THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!I appreciate everything!!
Now lets take a look at this beauties!

"Orange Cream"
This is a glossy orange neon polish.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.This polish applied smoothly. It is sheer but in my opinion sheer is the way to wear this color.If you would like it to be more opaque,I recommend applying Orange Cream over a white polish.
"Freak Show"
This is a sheer neon yellow polish with a mixture of glitters.
I applied 1 coat of Freak Show over 1 coat of SinfulColors/Snow Me White. I also applied a top coat.
The formula was a tad thick and I also found myself fishing around for glitter.When I pulled the brush out of the polish bottle only a few glitters would come out of it,even if I held the bottle upside down or rolled it.It's still a beautiful polish and I love the neon color!
"All That Glitters"
This is a clear base glitter topper with multiple sizes and shaped glitter.
I applied 1 coat of All That Glitters over 2 coats of SinfulColors/Devious,then applied a top coat.
This polish is my favorite out of the three. I didn't have to fish for any glitter.Just look at all the different shapes of glitter in that bottle!!Amazing! I LOVE it!I know a lot of people don't like bar glitter but I bet you will love this polish.I think bar glitter is beautiful in this clear base glitter topper. I think this is the only type of polish that I will wear with bar glitter.This polish has changed my mind about bar glitter in a topper for sure!

These polishes were easy to apply and look beautiful.My favorite polish out of the three is "All That Glitters".For more information on these 3 polishes be sure to check out Cutting Edge Nails social media sites.I will link you below.
Oh I did forget to mention that Cutting Edge Nails carries some very cool nail art accessories so don't forget to check all that out when you're there! Have a Fantastic Day!!!

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