Friday, May 23, 2014

Nire's Desire:Yoga Trio

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Hi there!!! Today I have 3 AMAZINGLY beautiful polishes from Nire's Desire.These polishes are a part of the Yoga Trio.
The first time I saw these polishes was on XOXO,Jen's Facebook page and on her blog. I was just hypnotized by the colors and her swatches. I'm telling you,these colors are just mind blowing. My jaw dropped as I was trying them on.They are that bada**.
These polishes are still available for purchase,you definitely don't want to pass these up.I'm not big on yoga but when you have these colors on your fingers you are going to be trying some yoga moves to see these beauties shift.That's right,these polishes shift in color.
Enough chit-chatting from me,let's take a look at these colors below!!

This is a wine red duochrome that shifts to purple.
I applied 2 light coats with a top coat,even though you absolutely don't need a top coat.This polish is so glossy and squishy,I just can't get over it!This color is my favorite.I have never had a duochrome that applied so perfectly.I'm just in love with Prana!Everything about this polish is perfect!!LOVE! LOVE!
This is a stunning green duochrome polish that shifts from a golden green to a dark blueish color.
I only had to apply 2 very light coats and a top coat.This formula I just can't get over.I feel like I have never tried anything like it.It applied so smooth.I had absolutely no issues with this color.When this color shifts you will fall in love.I suck at capturing the shift of duochromes in photos.Don't hate me. Hahaha
This is a royal blue duochrome that shifts from blue to a royal purple.
I applied 2 light coats and  top coat.Again you really don't need a topcoat because these colors are naturally glossy.I really love this color too.The color of this blue is just so pretty!

This collection is straight up,hands down perfection.It really can't get anymore better than this.When I saw this collection on XOXO,Jen's Facebook page,my jaw hit the floor.You should definitely check these out the next time you feel the need to splurge on some nail polish.You will be happy you did!
For more information on this collection or future releases be sure to check out Nire's Desire's social media sites.I will link you below. 
What do you think of these colors?You might want to wipe that drool of your shirt! LOL

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  1. Absolutely beautiful swatches Jennifer! Loved your review and thank you for the mention. ;)

    1. Thank you so much Jen!!♡♡ Your comments and opinions mean a lot to me!!♡