Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spellbound Nails:SpellBondage Collection

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Hey!Hey!Hey! I'm pretty excited today!!Want to know why? Well...I have a new collection by Spellbound Nails that will leave your nails looking pretty sexy.(Well it made me feel that way at least) LOL This collection is called the Spellbondage Collection and it will be available for purchase April 11th. Ashley even sent me little nail art spikes to try out.I have never tried out nail spikes before but I have always wanted to.Now all I need is some whips and chains. Hahaha Please excuse my silly sense humor, it's just one of those days when you think you're funny but you're really not. Awkward.... Anyway,lets take a look at this collection below.
"Black Leather Thigh Highs"
This is a black based jelly polish with multiple colored glitter that includes a mixture of blue and different shade of green glitters in various sizes. I applied 3 light coats and a top coat.This polish surprised me.The colors of the glitter really pop out and it looks absolutely amazing!I added some spikes to get more of an edgy look.
"Too Sexy for Blue"
This is a blue jelly polish with a mixture of iridescent glitter in various sizes.I applied 3 light coats and a top coat.Again I added spikes.This did apply very smooth with no drying issues.
"Red Hot"
This is a red jelly polish packed with glitter.I applied 3 light coats with a top coat. I did use spikes again because I love love the way they look.I did not have any issues with the application or dry time.

Overall this collection impressed me. It's not only beautiful but it has edge. I can't say I only love one because I love this whole collection.I hope to see more jellies made by Spellbound Nails in the future.Again this collection will be released on April 11th.For more information be sure to follow Spellbound Nails on Facebook ect. I posted the links below for you.

What are your thoughts on this collection? What other colors would you like to see in the future?

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