Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Daphine Polish:Mother's Day Duo Review and Swatches

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I can't believe the week is almost over.Time flies don't it? I don't have much to say about anything personal today but I do have this fab Mother's Day Duo by Daphine Polish to show you today. This duo will be gifted to A-list celebrity mothers as a part of The Artisan Group's Mother's Day Celebrity gifting. How cool is that,to have the chance to share your products with celebrities and them actually wearing it. I bet Joanne is thrilled!! This set will be available in Daphine Polish's shop April 4th and will not be sold individually,however it will be sold as a set.This duo is called "Lullaby...and Goodnight". Lets take a look below.
Goodnight is a darkened royal purple polish with dark grey micro flakes and gold shimmer. I applied 3 light coats and a top coat.Two coats is enough to apply but I'm a tad OCD and I have to apply three coats. LOL This color is so gorgeous and I love the golden shimmer in it. It truly looks like the midnight sky with tiny stars twinkling about. This polish applied so smooth and it dried quickly.
Lullaby is a glitter topper with light pink,light blue,lavender,violet,and mint matte glitters,iridescent glitters,light pink matte butterflies and light blue matte hearts,all packed into multi-colored shimmer base. I applied 1 coat of Lullaby over 3 coats of Goodnight and applied a top coat.I did not have to fish around for any of the larger glitters,they all came out on the brush perfectly. This glitter topper is very pretty and and I love how the glitter was not thick to where it sticks up off my nails. This glitter is very thin and sets very nicely.

I know that who ever tries this duo on will love it.The formula and colors are perfect.Again,this will be available April 4th and can only be purchased as a set.

What do you think about this duo?For more information be sure to check out Daphine Polish on Facebook and Instagram. I have the links for you below.

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