Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cinema Swatch Lacquers:Deleted Scenes Nail Polish Remover Review

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Today I have something HUGE to share with you. I was contacted by Rachel of Cinema Swatch Lacquers to try out and review a new product she has been working on for a while. This new product she made is a nail polish remover called "Deleted Scenes". Of course I accepted because who would want to pass up a scented polish remover. YES,I did say scented!!! She also mentioned that her nail polish remover moisturizes and has similar ingredients as Zoya's Nail polish remover. Say Whaaaat!?! I couldn't believe it. Isn't it amazing that an indie company makes their own nail polish remover!? How awesome is that!? I knew I had to try this stuff out for myself. Let me show you and tell you more about this product below.
"Chocolate Orange Slice" 
The scent that was sent to me is called "Chocolate Orange Slice". When opening the bottle you can't really smell the scent. When it dries on your fingers is when the smell is more noticeable.Let me tell you,this scent does smell amazing. It's smells like I dipped my fingers in a bag of candy. Mmmmmmm!!!Yum! So I used this remover till it was all gone and I noticed that it did moisturize very well. My skin did not dry out and it was in no way harsh on my skin.It did not irritate my skin. In fact I found it to feel very similar to Zoya's nail polish remover. I really really love this stuff.Lets take a look below at the ingredients.
This is the ingredients label. You can find this label on the back of the bottle of the remover. The labels are not water or remover proof.I really think the labels need to be water/remover proof. As you can see above the wording on my labels are smeared. I accidentally had some remover drip down the bottle and it smeared the ink. Also I love my bottle and I don't want to just throw it away so I think having refills in Cinema Swatch Lacquers shop would be awesome. How cute are these bottles and labels?? Aren't they just perfect!? This is now in her shop with many other scents for $5. It's a nice size 4oz bottle.

Rachel also sent me one of her hand made Finger Fizzies. The Fizzie is in the first photo in my post. I have never used one of these so I was not sure how to use it. LOL I didn't know if it was some kind of soap or a moisturizer bar until I checked out her shop. I ran it under water just to see what it would do and it started to fizz up really fast. LOL I started to panic and grabbed me a drinking cup and filled it with water and dropped my Fizzie in there. I am such a rookie.Anyway I dipped my hands in the cup and instantly my hands felt so moisturized. I loved the feeling of the Fizzie fizzing against my hands,it's a cool feeling.When it was all fizzed out I noticed some things floating around. I looked at her shop and saw they are in fact real Lavender buds.So Cool!!
The Fizzie she sent me is called "Lux Lavender. This product is a must have.I need to order me some for sure. It smelled very fresh. You get a package of 3 Fizzies for only $5.

This is my first time trying out any of Cinema Swatch Lacquers products and I can honestly say that my experience was amazing.All of the above items are now available in her shop.Be sure to check out her Facebook and other social media for more information.

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