Friday, January 3, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish Review

Hello and Welcome!!!

This is my first post for 2014!!!! Whaoooo!!! What better way to bring in 2014 on my blog than to do a review for The Devil Wears Polish. I have some beautiful colors packed with holographic prettiness to show you. My goal is to show you my whole collection I have purchased over time from The Devil Wears Polish. That sounds fun right. Trust me I have a ton of un-trieds that need to be tried. I'm not showing you my whole collection today but I do have a few colors to share with you. Lets take a look below. 
"Desert Rose"
This is a mauve linear holographic polish with a gold to orange shift. I applied 2 light coats with no top coat. I had mentioned to Tami that I would like to have a mauve colored holo polish and she made it. If any of you have an idea on what colors you would like to see just send her a message. She is all for new ideas and new colors.This polish was not thick and does dries quickly. No complaints here!

"Lady Marmalade"
This is actually the second linear super chrome in the shop. This is a beautiful deep purple chrome that shifts to orange, copper and red. This color has been flying of the shelves like crazy. I rate this color the most popular color that has been made by Tami of The Devil Wears Polish. I applied 2 light coats with no top coat. Just perfection!!

"Ring of Fire"
This is a stunning deep, rich red linear holographic polish. I am kind of upset with myself. I could of sworn I took more photos with the flash but I guess I'm loosing my mind. Well one is enough, you get the idea of what it looks like either way. I applied 3 light coats with no top coat. I mentioned to Tami she should name a red polish "Ring of Fire" and she loved the idea. I got the name from a song by Johnny Cash. I am a HUGE fan of Johnny Cash by the way. I mean who does not love Johnny Cash right?

All of the polish except for Ring of Fire were purchased by me.If you have any questions about these products just leave me a comment below. Don't forget to follow The Devil Wears Polish on Facebook. I know as of right now she has some colors marked down in her shop so if you like anything you better snatch it up before its gone for good.

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  1. OMG! It's SOOOO epic! Gorgeous photos, awesome review!

  2. Great swatches, even though the polishes are waaaaay to pinky for my taste :D

    1. Thank you Dimana!! I will have more exciting colors to share soon♥