Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish

Hello and Welcome!!!

I hope everyone is keeping warm out there on your side of town. It has been really cold the past few days. I brought my outside dogs in the house so they are nice and cozy. Today I have 2 beautiful holographic polishes to show you by "The Devil Wears Polish". As you must know I am a huge fan of her creations. I have almost everyone of her holographic polishes and still collecting.Some polishes that I show you might be out of stock. Ready to check them out? You will just love these colors. They are the shiznit!!! Look below :)
"Holo Be Thy Name"
This color will surly bring you to your knees. I have not seen a holo shine this bright Ever! This is a silver slate colored holographic polish. I applied 2 light coats. Mine was a tad thick so I just added a few drops of polish thinner. I am obsessed with this color. I want another bottle just so I have a backup. LOL Unfortunately this color is sold out and it just might be discontinued . Hopefully she brings this color back. I really think everyone needs a bottle of this.

"A Nice Chianti" 
This color has just been added to "The Cannibal Collection". This is a gorgeous magenta linear polish. I applied 2 light coats. I did not have to add thinner to this color. The formula was perfect and I had absolutely no issues applying. This color is currently in stock so if you want it go get it!!

That is all for today!! Next time I will have some blues to show you. I just need that sun to come out. What did you think of today's colors? The Devil Wears Polish links will be below so be sure to check her out.Have a great day and stay polished!

Thanks for Reading!!
Y'all Come Back!!