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Down the Bayou Lacquer/It's Christmas Time in the City Collection

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Today I have a collection of lacquers made by Jodie of Down the Bayou Lacquer. The collection is called, "It's Christmas Time in the City" based on events that has happened in New Orleans. I have never been to New Orleans but I was invited by a friend back in High School to go to  Mardi Gras but regretfully I declined. One day I will go to New Orleans, maybe not for Mardi Gras but just to visit and enjoy the Cajun food.The"It's Christmas Time in the City"collection has 5 beautiful holiday lacquers.This collection is now available for purchase. Ready to check out the collection? Lets take a look below.
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"Snow Covered Street Cars"
Snow here in the Deep South is a rare thing, but every once in a while we are blessed with the sight captured in this photograph. This shot of a New Orleans streetcar, also known by the New Orleans natives as trolleys, was the total inspiration for this golden shimmer topper.The trolley’s golden yellow light, as it shines through the snowy haze,inspired the golden tones, while the dark green and red trim resembles the specks of glittery holiday delight.
"Snow Covered Street Cars"
This is a shimmery golden base with green,white and red glitter in various sizes. I applied 3 coats with a top coat. This is a very unique color that has a golden shift. I have not tried this BUT I think this would look gorgeous over a color like red or a light blue or maybe even a light purple color. Now that I think of it, I'm going to have to try it out. I don't know why I get these ideas in the middle of typing up the review LOL Maybe I will do 1 coat of "Snow Covered Street Cars" over a light purple. Hmmmmmm.

"Jingle,Jingle Mr. Bingle"
Maison Blanche Department store was first opened on Canal Street in New Orleans in the 1950’s by a German immigrant. The stores name, in French, means White House. The French language and German owner is just one of many examples of the melting pot of traditions that make up the area of Southern Louisiana. The department store began a tradition known as Mr. Bingle. Mr. Bingle was a precious, fun, fictional character that natives came to know as Santa’s helper. The snowman became the mascot of the department store and still remains a part of the pop culture at Christmas time in New Orleans. The fun nature of Mr. Bingle inspired this shimmery winter color.
"Jingle,Jingle Mr. Bingle"
This is a baby blue shimmer polish with various color and shaped glitter. I applied 2 light coats. For more opaqueness I recommend 3 coats. This seems to apply a bit streaky. I did let Jodi know and she will be adjusting that.

"Celebration in the Oaks"
One of the most spectacular events in the country, the Celebration in the Oaks, is held in New Orleans City Park. Thousands of twinkling white lights decorate the city park’s naturally beautiful landscape of oaks and moss covered cypress trees. The event leaves no part of New Orleans tradition uncovered, with many special Christmas displays and unique blends of flavor found only among a Cajun cuisine. With the mild winters of Louisiana, this outdoor event is a perfect family outing during the Christmas season.
"Celebration in the Oaks"
This is a Jungle green shimmer base with silver and gold glitter in various shapes. This polish was not streaky at all and is in fact a two coater. I am a sucker for some greens. I seem to have collected almost every shade of green there is with the exception of this one. This will be my first Jungle green with added glitter. Wahoo!!!!

"Bonfires on the Levee"
Long ago, before the levee systems down the Mississippi River existed the massive waterway was used as transportation. The many canals off the river were dark, making it difficult for Cajuns to find their homes late into the night. Huge bonfires were lit to guide these families home safely. Once the levees and roadways were built, there was less need for the great flames. Now tradition has it that the bonfires are needed to guide the way for good Ole Papa Noel. Still lit every Christmas Eve on the levee of southern Louisiana, the bonfires gold and red flames inspired this beautiful topper.
"Bonfires on the Levee"
This is a beautiful yet unique glitter topper. This has a mixture of red and gold and white glitter with a mixture of micro holo-goodness. I applied 1 coat of "Bonfires on the Levee" over 2 coats of Pure Ice/Envy. Perfect combo."Bonfires on the Levee" can also be worn solo. If only the sun was out when I was trying this beauty on I could of shown you how much it sparkles :(

                     "Caroling in Jackson Square"
The sounds of caroling are in the air on the last Sunday night before Christmas Day at the St. Louis Cathedral. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the amazing church draws in locals and visitors alike to join in the singing of Christmas Carols by candle light. This event, occurring every year for 58 years now, inspired this polish of traditional Christmas colors.
"Caroling in Jackson Square"
This is a light pea green base with various color and shaped glitters. I applied 2 light coats with a top coat.

This collection is beautiful and was fun to learn about.Check out Down the Bayou Lacquer's Facebook page for more updates and giveaways. What was your favorite in this collection. Personally my favorite is "Bonfires on the Levee". 

**Disclosure** All products were sent to me by Down the Bayou Lacquer to review and enjoy. All photos watermarked are mine. Down the Bayou Lacquer is not affiliated with any of the above events or companies mentioned. All stories mentioned were simply inspired by the hidden treasures of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The pictures provided were searched on Google and I did not personally take them nor do I own them.

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