Monday, November 25, 2013

Philly Love's Lacquer Thanksgivukkah Trio and More!

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Today I have 4 amazing lacquers to show you made by Esther of Philly Love's Lacquer. I have had the honor of reviewing her Thanksgivukkah Trio and a Keep the Han in Hanukkah polish. Are we all familiar with Han Solo from Star Wars? (Hubba Hubba!) A  fan-made an image of Han celebrating Hanukkah and that is what the polish "Keep the Han in Hanukkah" was based off of. Let me just say that these polishes are amazing, names and all. Unfortunately there was no sunlight here to show you all how these holos glisten and shine but if you have seen any of Philly Love's Lacquer's holos you know just how they glisten in the sunlight. In the trio there is 2 holographic polishes and a glitter topper. "Keep the Han in Hanukkah" has gold flakes dispersed in the formula. Who doesn't love gold flakes right? I love me some GOLD! All of these polishes are in fact Limited Editions. Lets take a look!!!
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"Keep the Han in Hanukkah"
 A  fan-made an image of Han celebrating Hanukkah and that is what the polish "Keep the Han in Hanukkah" was based off of.
 "Keep the Han in Hanukkah"
This is stunning shimmery silver light blue chromatic holo with gold flakes dispersed through out the formula. I applied 3 light coats with a top coat.

"Nun Gobble Hay Shin"
A play on the symbols on the dreidel; Nun, Gimmel, Hay, Shin (in Hebrew, these symbols make up the acronym for Nes Gadol Hayah Sham, which means “a great miracle happened there.
"Nun Gobble Hay Shin"  
This is a clear glitter topper made up of blue, white, and silver glitters in various sizes. I applied 1 coat of "Nun Gobble Hay Shin" over 2 coats of Pure Ice/Absolutely Marvelous with a top coat. This is apart of the Thanksgivukkah Trio.

"Thanksgivukkah Miracle"
 Oil that burned for 8 nights, thus representing the 8 nights of Hanukkah.
"Thanksgivukkah Miracle"
This is a lovely olive green holo. I applied 2 coats without a top coat. This is apart of the Thanksgivukkah Trio.

"Cornucopia of Gelt"
Meaning literally "Hanukkah money" refers to money as well as chocolate coins givin to Jewish children on festival of Hannukkah. I still to this day buy these bags of chocolate coins for my children and stick in in their stockings every year. I remember getting these as well when I was a child. Ahhhhh the memories!!
"Cornucopia of Gelt"
This is a milk chocolate brown holographic polish. I applied 3 light coats with no top coat.This is apart of the Thanksgivukkah Trio.

Even though the holidays has made my life chaotic and has given me pulsating migraines,looking at beautiful polish like this puts my mind at ease and helps me relax.(I's weird) I find painting my nails with a good quality polish releases some stress. It's almost therapeutic. Stop by Philly Love's Lacquers shop and snatch these Limited Editions before they are gone. You won't regret it.

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