Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sweet Heart Polish

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Is it Friday yet?? This has been a slow week but a very busy one at that. Im sure we all are waiting for Friday to show its face. With that being said I have some pretties to show you that will keep you occupied for the time being. Have you heard of Sweet Heart Polish? I will be showing you 2 polishes that I received from Sweet Heart Polish.The polish she makes has a five free base. She sent me them for reviewing purposes and to enjoy of course. I did not purchase the items and these are my opinions of the products and was not coached what to say in any way.
Lets take a look!
We have from left to right..... Star Bright and Iceland
This is Iceland
This is Forest Green base with Gold shimmer mixed through out the formula. This took 3 coats to get it completely opaque . Iceland can be purchased for $9.00 and its 16.5ml.
This polish went on smooth. Be sure to roll or shake this polish to mix the gold shimmer evenly in with the polish. The gold shimmer glitter does sink to the bottom so shake or roll.I also topped it off with HK Girl Top coat.
As you can see I did a little something different to my ring finger. I applied many jewels and nail art studs just to change it up a bit.

This glitter topper is called ...Star Bright
This is a clear base with Neon Pink,Green and also White stars with small blue specks of glitter along with micro neon yellow/green glitter. This can be purchased for $9.00 for a 16.5ml bottle.
This glitter was a little difficult to get out.. I had to fish around for the stars. Be sure to roll this polish to help the stars to the top other than that it applied fine. I applied 1 coat of Star Bright over 2 coats of LVX/Cliquote. I love the assorted neon stars. This is a beautiful glitter topper  and looks great over nudes or Darker colors like black red ect. 
I really enjoy using Sweet Heart Polish. I love the color Iceland. That polish is GEORGEOUS! That is my one of my favorite polish's. Sweet Heart Polish also has great costumer service.

To contact her you can email her at this address
sweetheartpolish@gmail.com or message her Via Facebook page.

You can purchase this polish from.......
Sweet Heart Polish's Esty Shop HERE
Follow Sweet Heart Polish on Facebook HERE

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  1. They look awesome Jennifer! Thank you again!

  2. Wow both look Nice . Love accent nail and top coat too :-)

  3. Wow both look Nice . Love accent nail and top coat too :-)