Monday, July 22, 2013

Honey Buttons Custom Polish Review

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Today I have something special for you. I have 3 custom made polishes from a company called Honey Buttons.
I reached out to Jessica which is the creator and owner of Honey Buttons and I asked if she could make me 3 polishes. She was so sweet and  said yes.
The 3 ideas I came up with that I wanted my polish based on was.. Rainbow Bright, Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Ursula also from the Little Mermaid.
All I did was tell her what I wanted the polish to look like and what kind of glitter I wanted added and she made it for me.
At the moment she does not have a shop BUT If you want to order polish from her or want one custom made just shoot her an email or message her on her Facebook page. 
I will post the links to her page ect at the end of this review. I purchased my polish for $5 each but prices could go up soon.
Not only did I purchase the 3 custom made polishes from her but I also purchased 5 more polishes from her as well. Those colors will be posted soon.
Lets take a look at the beautiful polish I had custom made for myself.
You will notice immediately how awesome the labels look.
From Left to right I have Rainbow Bright, Ursula and Ariel 
This is my Rainbow Bright polish
It is a Blurple cream base crelly color (Blue/Purple)
It has tiny hex assorted colors( Colors Of The Rainbow if you will) scattered around in the formula. It also has gold stars and silver circular glitter.
The Rainbow colored glitter represents her colorful outfit. The gold stars represent the star on Rainbow Brights Horse's head.
I applied 2 coats of Rainbow bright and used HK Girl top coat for added shine.

This is my Ariel polish
It is a vibrant red jelly based polish with green and silver hexes and teal squares
Of course I had the polish made red to match Ariel's hair and the green and silver hexes are for her her tail.
I applied 2 coats with no undies and HK Girl top coat. I will add that top coat is not needed. This polish shines on its own.

This is my Ursula polish
It is a purple jelly base with silver hexes and circular glitter
The polish is a beautiful purple and reminds me of all the colors that surround Ursula 
I applied 2 coats. To get more of an opaque look you will need 3 coats. It is so shiny on its own but I still added top coat so it wont chip

My overall opinion of this polish is very positive, I loved how the polish was easy to apply with no clumpy mess. I would defiantly purchase from Honey Buttons again. Her polish is amazing. I really enjoyed creating new polish with her she was very sweet and patient with me. I think I changed my mind a ton and added things to the polish ect. LOL
I hope you enjoy her polish like I do. 

Honey Buttons Nail Polish Facebook HERE
Honey Buttons Nail Polish email:

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  1. Great Post Jennifer. I sent an email about getting some polish of my own. How did you see her regular polish to order some? ~Glenda

    1. I had the same problem, not knowing what was for sale, but each one is custom made, so she doesn't have an "inventory" to take pix of... email her.... she'll help you out! :)

    2. She has alot of photos on her Facebook page of all her polish she has made. Make sure you go to her photos to see what all she has. If you like any of them let her know via Facebook or email. Thank you Glenda!

    3. I finally got my order in. I am getting three and can hardly wait. You are so right, Jennifer she is wonderful to work with :)

  2. This is incredible. Love this idea!! Plus u picked some of my favorites from when I was littler!! Awesome is the best way to describe. Tanks for the awesome share!!