Thursday, July 25, 2013

Creations By Lynda LE review

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Today I have a Limited Edition polish made by Creations By Lynda and I also have a beautiful mint crelly polish to share with all of you.
The Limited Edition polish will be released August 1st . The mint crelly polish has already been released and is currently in her shop .
The polish I am reviewing is polish I have purchased myself. They were not given to for reviewing purposes.
Lets take a look shall we.....
As you can see the polish on the left is called Mint Orchid then on the left is the
 Limited Edition Lemon Drop
This is Lemon Drop
It is a neon crelly but it also has a jelly consistency. In the formula is also micro shape shifting glitter for added shimmer
I applied 3 coats with no undies but if you prefer the jelly look you can just apply 2 coats.
I also applied a top coat
I think this polish is a perfect color for the summer. I think Neons are best and really make your nails pop on those hot summer days. I want a neon pink one too but I will have to talk to Lynda and see what she thinks.
I absolutely love Lemon Drop with this nail art. 
I used a stamp from the Cheeky Princess Charming jumbo plate and used Black Konad stamping polish with HK Girl top coat
Reminder: This color will only be available August 1st and is Limited Edition

This is called Mint Orchid
This polish is from the Flower Fantasy Collection
It is a mint crelly with a mixture of square and hex glitters .The colors of glitter in this formula are Mint Green, Teal and light Green
I applied 3 thin coats with no undies and a top coat for added shine
For this polish you need to really shake or roll it good to get the larger glitter on the brush. 
I cant seem to get enough of polish with mint glitter or just the mint color all together.
I think mint polish is in high demand right now. I think its a color that never gets old. Well thats my opinion anyway.
I added some nail art over Mint Orchid. I used a stamp off of the Musical Nails Cheeky plate with Blue Konad stamping polish with HK Girl top coat over it.

I hope you all have enjoyed todays review. Dont forget if you loved Lemon Drop, look for it to be on sale August 1st. It is Limited Edition. 

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  1. This is amazing Jennifer! I am so jealous of your stamping skills. lol Thank you for the review. I'm so glad you like them. We will talk about that pink. ;)