Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Nail Junkie 2013 Neon Shimmer Jelly Review

Today I will be talking about a mani I am proud to say, Is Beautiful!
I have done something somewhat different with Nail Junkie's 2013 Neon Shimmer Jelly polish. I am very proud of it. This was actually my first time using a jelly based polish and my first purchase from The Nail Junkie. I never really thought I could do much with a Jelly polish. I always stuck to solid creamed polishes.  This mani I have done changed my whole outlook on jellies all together.

The color of the polish I purchased is called Blueberry. It is a Jelly based polish which means you can pretty much see through the polish. The polish has  shimmer to it but not to much. To be honest with you, I want every shade this line has. I am that excited about them and Im ready to see what else I can come up with.

You can see how there is some shimmer in there. Just Beautiful.
(2 Coats )

What I did was apply one coat of the Blueberry neon polish. I let it dry. The drying time for this polish was very fast. You can actually tell when its dry. When its wet it will be a dark blue then it gets lighter and lighter and then its dry.
Anyway I got a stamping plate and got white polish and applied little flowers all over my nails. Then I let the nail art dry for about 3 minutes and applied another coat of my Blueberry polish. Then I added a top coat to make to shine
If you prefer the color to be darker apply 2 coats of Blueberry then add your stamp. Then add another coat of Blueberry over the stamps.

I also need to add that they are not scented

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  1. THIS IS SO COOL!!! I love it! Thank you for your kind words and your wonderful photos. Amazing post!

  2. These are beautiful. Need to try out this cool technique