Saturday, April 20, 2013

You Polish Review

 I have recently purchased some cuticle oils and two beautiful polishes from You Polish. The two polishes cost $15 together and the scented cuticle oil only cost $3.50. You can purchase 3 cuticle oils with the scents pineapple, peach and pomegranate for the low cost of $10. The scent I have is the Peach. It smells really good and it does not have have the strong scents that can give you a huge migraine. It has a very pleasant smell .

This lovely color is called  O R U? Its the most beautiful shade of blue. I am a sucker when it comes to blues, purples,greens, or yellows. Mixed in with the blue creamy polish is medium to holo size gold glitter. These are 15ml bottles and I used 3 coats.

This is a very popular polish. It has a pearl tint to it. In no way is it a clear coat glitter. It is called Painting The Roses Red. It has the perfect amount of glitter to give you the look you need on you nails.The colors of the glitter are amazing. There is pink flat colored glitter and shiny metallic pink glitter that shines when the sun hits it. There is also a flat blue colored glitter also with metallic blue glitter. All different sizes of glitter can be found in this special bottle of polish. In this picture I used one coat and it looks perfect.

1 Coat

2 Coats

2 Coats

3 Coats

3 Coats and topped off with top coat

This is the best cuticle oil I have used so far. I did use Juleps cuticle oil but I had found it to just sit on top of my skin and not rub in very well. So I decided to try out You Polishes cuticle oil. First of all it is scented. I tried out the peach. It really does smell good. I noticed when applying this to my fingers that it rubs in very well and does not leave my skin overly shiny. It really does moisturize and will smooth those lines and rough edges around your cuticles. The bottle size is 10ml and is a roll on . The ingrediants are Jojoba Oil, Vitamin A, Calcium, Sassflower Oil, Pineapple Oil, Grapeseed Oil & Sesame Oil.

I do recommend checking out You Polishes store on Esty. She has great polishes and hand and body lotions. Click the links below to be directed to her pages and sites.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing the cuticle oil, I was wondering about it. I came here via YouPolish's facebook page, would love for you to stop by my place!