Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bondi New York Polish Review

 Today I am reviewing Bondi New York nail lacquer.  This company is fairly new to the lacquer world. As of right now their collection contains 20 fashion forward colors. They will be launching new collections twice a year as well as occasional limited edition collaborations. Bondi New York is a five free brand meaning we are free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, DBP and Toluene.  It is safe to use on your beautiful fingernails which is such a big plus. Another great thing about the company is that 100% of the net profit from the sale of polish is donated to their non profit which makes grants to charitable organizations. I know everyone worries about their polish not lasting and chipping , I know I do it has been an issue with using most of my lacquers. Well Bondi New Yorks nail lacquer is long lasting and is chip resistant especially when you use their 2in1 top coat. Bondi New York sent me a free polish to review and I actually won a polish of my choice in a giveaway they were having. I had the closest guess as to how many polishes they had in 16 boxes. I was so excited to have won and you can too go to their website and enter their giveaways. They have many giveaways on their Facebook page so your chances are really good to winning a polish of your choice . They also had a BOGO sale. They said If you Buy One you Get One free or Buy 2 Get 2 free or Buy 3 Get 3 free. I took advantage of that sale and got the buy one get one. When I got my package in the mail and I opened my box I saw they had given me a code to get $5 off my next purchase. I am in love with this brand to be honest. Their polish is not to think and not to thin. I love their colors that they have out so far and I cant wait till they release a new collection. All bottles are 15ml. and cost $15 a piece. Im just going to stop rambling and show you pics of the stunning colors that I picked out.

For this color I used 2 coats which is the perfect coverage for this color.
Teal Magnolia is the color

I like this color. It is very smooth and creamy. Easy to apply

This color takes 3 coats to get the coverage in this picture. 
Brick Road is the name.

This picture has better lighting. Its not my favorite color but if you like to do stamping on your nails I think this would be perfect for that. I think that's what I'm going to use this color for. It will stain so be sure to use a good base coat. Bondi New York has something that is 2in1 called  I'm Vers you can try out.

This is one of my favorites. It took 2 coats to get this coverage. Very pretty . Its perfect for me because I like bright colors. Bright colors I understand are not for every skin tone but I find it to look great on me. Its called The Limelight

Here is another bright color. Its called Chasing the sun. It is a beautiful orange tone.
2 coats to get the coverage in the  picture.

I wanted to add this picture to show you that the lids of the polish do pull off. I dont think its necessary. I will tell you that the lids can get turned to where the lid wont look straight. You have to pull the lid off to fix it to your liking. If you have ever purchased Julep polish their lid do the same thing. The reason for the lid to come off is so you can put a swatch sticker on the lid and you can apply your polish to the sticker so you can see what the actual color of the polish is before applying the polish to your nails. This is about the only thing about the polish I can do without. However I do like the design of the bottle.

I did something a little extra for all of you. I did a water marbling with the colors:
Brick Road
Teal Magnolia
Chasing The Sun

If you would like to check out Bondi New York there will be links below to direct you to their sites.

Have you tried Bondi New Yorks Polish? 
What colors do you prefer or like?

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  1. Great water marble, the colors really look fabulous together. I will have to check out this polish :)-Glenda

  2. Those are some rich colors. I love your water marble. I like Teal Magnolia, it looks similar to the Avon Sea Breeze I am currently wearing.

  3. Wow, your water marble is stunning!! Thank you for reviewing these, I have been searching for good reviews of Bondi.

  4. Agreed…the water marbling is definitely stunning!! Very interesting & one of the cutest designs you’ve done to this point. Would be perfect for the toes too! :)