Wednesday, February 13, 2013

02/08/13 Sally Beauty Supply Red Tag Haul

Sally Beauty Supply Red Tag Haul

February 8,2013 through February 10,2013 Sally Beauty Supply had a sale for 50% off Red Tag items . So I went to check it out. I have not been to Sallys in years. I found some great deals.

This is the little haul I decided to purchase. I really didnt go all out but I love what I bought. Just 4 items.

This is Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Art Wheels. I love these. I bought them for $5.99. They were not on sale but I had to have these to do my Polish swatches. They come in handy and I think they are really neat. Using these I can tell if I will be needing 1 or 2 coats of polish and I can see what color the polish is exactly and what color the polish will come out to be.

This was on sale and I got it for a great price. This is Whipped Body cream by Beyond Belief 4fl oz. Its Vanilla but smells nothing like vanilla. It actually smells better. This was on sale for $4.99 but I got it for $.99. What a deal right ?

I have never had a glitter eyeliner before so I bought this but it was not 50% off. This is called Eye Drama by Femme Couture. I payed $6.99 for it. I love the color and to apply was very easy and you dont have to put much of it on. Its very pigmented. The color is called Envy. I love it. I want to buy more but when they are on sale. lol It takes maybe 3 or 4 minutes to dry.

This I was so excited to come across. This is my first time purchasing the brand China Glaze. Everything here came in this package. It came with 2 polishes and a little frame/magnet to put a photo in. This was sold around the Holidays but Im so glad that they had more available. It was marked for  $4.49 but I got it for $2.24. I love a good deal. The red polish is called Red Satin. The green polish is called Winter Holly which is such a pretty glitter. One of my favorites.

I did some swatches of the Red Satin and the Winter Holly. I applied 2 coats to them both. I think they came out looking really great. I did not apply any top coat to any of them. I dont think the Red Satin needs a top coat but to keep it from getting faded I would recommend that you do. I cant wait to buy more China Glaze polish. I think the quality of the polish is amazing.

Have you came across any good sales? Whats your favorite brand of polishes ?

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