Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eye Shadow Palette Collection

I am in love with eye shadow palettes right  now. I have a small collection that I would love to share with you. Here is a few below that are my favorites.

Let me start off by saying all palettes posted here are very pigmented and perfect for experimenting. If you dont know what colors you like this would be perfect for you.

This Palette I purchased is from Coastal Scents. Its the 88 count Original. I payed $10.00 for it but the regular price is $18.95 .What a great price right? Its so worth it. There is so many different colors and choices and the eye-shadow had a silky texture to it. This palette has no shimmer. The case is amazing and is not cheaply made and it comes with a mirror and 2 eye-shadow brushes.

This one Im in love with. It from Coastal Scents. This is the 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette. The regular price it goes for is $19.95 but I got it for a great price of  $10.00. The shimmer in the eye-shadow is very pretty. It has the perfect amount of shimmer .It comes in a Matte Black case. If you dont like shimmer then this palette is not for you. The shadow is very pigmented. It does last and does not fade. I love how there are so many colors to play with. Coastal Scents also sent me an extra pod of eye-shadow. I thought that was neat.

This is my e.l.f Studio Eyes Pro Eye-Shadow Palette-Limited Edition. I bought this from EyesLipsFace. I purchased it for $10.00 but its original price is $20.00. This is cheap but it is so worth it. I love e.l.f. products you can find them very cheap. You can look for their products at Target also. This palette has shimmer shadows and original shadows. The shadows are a great size. They are actually alot larger than the Coastal Scents shadows. They are also very pigmented. The case came with a mirror attached and 2 eye-shadow brushes.

I love my 3 Palettes. They are so fun to experiment with and I did not go broke buying them. I insist on you trying out a palette before going out and spending tons of money on individual eye-shadows. They were carefully wrapped and came wrapped in bubble wrap and I didnt have any problem with any broken shadows. They arrived to my home in perfect condition.
Here is some links to the sites so you can check out the products and choose something that interests you.

Coastal Scents:

Do You Have A Favorite Eye-shadow Palette? Have You Tried Any Of My Palettes That I Posted?

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