Monday, February 11, 2013

Glade Expressions® BzzKit Review

My Glade Expressions BzzKit Review

I am a BzzAgent and I have recently did a review on the Glade Expressions oil diffuser starter kit and the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist. BzzAgent sent me the free coupons and coupons for me to share with everyone for reviewing and testing purposes .

This above is my Glade Expression Fragrance mist and on the right is the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter kit. I have decided since my living room has the most traffic I should set my fresheners out on my TV stand. They look very decorative so they both just blend in with my other decorations. I was surprised how much the Oil Diffuser freshened up my home in a short amount of time. My kids walked in from school and said, "What are you baking?". I recommend you try that out. I think Its worth every penny. The Mist I use to spray in the trash can or I pray it in the bathroom or around our shoe area.

I took a picture up close of both Glade Expressions products. The Oil Diffuser is the package on the left. I got it at Walmart and the price for that one is around $5.98. That is a great price for it. Just wait and see how the scent spreads through your home. I love this scent I bought which is called "Pineapple & Mangosteen. Its a sweet scent. On the right is the Fragrance  mist.The price for this is affordible as well. It cost $2.98 at Walmart. I love the style of this and the color and the scent of it Of Course. All you have to do to spray this bottle is  squeeze it and release and it releases a pleasant scent through out your home. I got the Lavender  & Juniper Berry. No Assembly required . As for the Oil diffuser there is a small assembly you have to do but it is so simple. You get a base which is the outside decor. Then you get the oil and  a diffuser card. What you need to do is, Firmly press the diffuser card into the oil bottle until it clicks. Then insert refill into the base/Holder. Thats it. That simple.No Batteries needed for either one.

If you would like to purchase or read more about the Glade Expressions products and scents there will be a link below .

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