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Beauty Quartet Box:Winter Break, December 2014

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Today I have December's Beauty Quartet Box to share with you. December's theme is Winter Break.This is a bi-monthly box meaning it will be sold every 2 months which gives us the customers extra time to save,save save!Pre-orders for this box will start November 1st until November 15th, and can be purchased for only ($50 shipped in the US, $55 shipped to Canada and $60 shipped International.)All boxes will be shipped December 1st.
Let's take a look at all of these goodies below!

Midwinter's Midnight & Wipped Body Schmear by Philly Loves Lacquer

The 2 products above are made by Philly Loves Lacquer. You will get a beautiful linear holo nail polish and a moisturizing Whipped Body Schmear called Gingerbread Brulee.

Midwinter's Midnight

Midwinter's Midnight is described as a a dark blue linear holo with a lighter blue flash, blue and silver micro shimmer, and silver holo micro glitter.
I applied 2 easy coats followed by a fast drying top coat.
This polish applied smoothly with no issues at all.No staining to report.It has a beautiful holo shine when in the right lighting.I absolutely love this dark shade of blue.In my opinion this shade would look stunning on any skin tone.

Whipped Body Schmear-Gingerbread Brulee 

The Whipped Body Schmear is amazing. I applied it all over my body and instantly noticed that it didn't leave a greasy or oily feeling afterwards.This Body Schemer has the texture of pudding.It looks good enough and smells good enough to eat!(DON'T EAT IT)Trust me when you get this product you will want to rub it everywhere!It's that amazing!The smell will put you in the holiday spirit instantly,it smells exactly like a gingerbread cookie fresh out of the oven.It is paraben-free.

Reindeer Games & Cuticle Oil by Northern Star Polish

These two products above are made by Northern Star Polish.You will receive a holo nail polish and a scented cuticle oil called Gingerbread Brulee.

Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games is described as a dark brown linear holo with flashes of green and purple.
I applied 2 light coats followed by a quick dry coat.
It's a lovely polish with a subtle holo sparkle.I didn't have any issues with it drying.It applied smoothly.The consistency was perfect,it was not to thick or to thin.

Nourishing Cuticle Oil-Gingerbread Brulee 

The cuticle oil is made by Northern Star Polish. It has the same fragrance as the Whipped Body Schmear,which I love! The cuticle oil comes in a roller ball 10ml plastic tube.It is vegan & cruelty free.

Ho...Ho...No!! & Pendant Necklace by Smokey Mountain Lacquers

The products above made by Smokey Mountain Lacquers is a scattered holo nail polish and a pendant necklace which matches the nail polish.


Ho..Ho...No!!! is described as an antique red scattered holo.
I applied 2 easy coats followed by a top coat.
This applied nicely with no drying issues.The formula was silky smooth and applied with no issues.

Special Snowflake & One-Minute Anti-Aging Sweet Citrus Scrub by Digital Nails

The 2 products above are made by Digital Nails. You will receive a sparkly white nail polish and a anti-ageing sugar scrub.

Special Snowflake

Special Snowflake is described as a silvery white microflakie with flashes of red and green.
I applied 3 light coats followed by a quick dry top coat.
This polish applies as a full coverage polish. I would like to use it in some nail art one day.Maybe use it as a snow base or something.I did not have any issues with this polish.

One-Minute Anti-Aging Sweet Citrus Scrub 

This scrub smells amazing. I mean who doesn't like the smell of citrus.I love the smell of citrus any time of the year.This scrub will make your mouth water as soon as you open it.Also when you open the container,BE CAREFUL,this scrub does have liquid that sits on top of the scrub.If you open it to quickly the liquid might spill.To apply,I stir it up with a small spoon,then get a small amount and rub it gently all over my hands.Then rinse. Please do not use a lot of this product at one time. It will leave your hands feeling greasy.Use a small amount and your hands will be left feeling smooth,moisturized and smelling like lemons!

This box will be available soon Nov,1st-15th so start saving up your pennies!!!There is a lot of must have products in the Winter Break box that will keep your skin looking amazing through the winter season.For more information on this box be sure to check out all the social media links below! Note:This box will only be sold in Philly Loves Lacquer's website.

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  1. Those polishes are all gorgeous, and I love the extras! Northern Star cuticle oil is one of my faves and Gingerbread Brulee is pretty much the tastiest thing I have ever heard!