Thursday, October 16, 2014

Aurora Lacquers: The Chakra Prism Collection Part 1

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Today I have a new collection called Chakra Prism by Aurora Lacquers. This collection is now available for purchase.This collection consists of 1 glitter topper and 7 scattered holos. Lets take a look at four of them below.

Vishuddha Dream

Vishuddha Dream is described as a True blue linear holo.
I applied 2 light coats with a top coat.The formula applied really smooth with no drying issues.

Muladhara Strength

Muladhara Strength is described as a Silky red linear holo.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat. The formula is perfection,it's smooth and no issues with the dry time.This color is actually my favorite in the whole collection. I'm definitely going to purchase a full size.

Sahasrara Bliss 

Sahasrara Bliss is described as a Violet linear holo with lilac shimmer.
I applied 2 easy coats and a top coat.

Prism of Clarity 

Prism of Clarity is described as a shimmery clear glitter topper filled with silver holo triangles and a rainbow of iridescent glitters.
I applied 1 coat of Prism of Clarity over 1 coat of Zoya/Sooki. This is a very fun looking glitter topper but I did have a difficult time getting the triangle glitters out on the brush. Another thing I did notice was the base of the glitter is a gel like base with a strong smell to it. It felt a little weird applying it to my nails,it will take some time to get used to.

This collection is available but some of these may be out of stock.Be sure to check out all of Aurora Lacquers social media sites for future restocks and releases.The links are posted for you below.

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  1. Just want to helpfully point out that you have labeled two the same. Luckily I saw the names underneath so now I can say....I LOVE Muladhara Strength and Sahasrara Bliss! lol The names, dear goodness, I could never pronounce those, but the polishes sure are gorgeous! haha

    1. LOL I noticed that. I went and read it and was like...WTH. LOL I apologize, it is now corrected. Thank you Toria!😚