Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black Dahlia Lacquer Fall 2014 Collection:Part 1

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Today I have a new company to inform you about.This new nail polish indie company is called 'Black Dahlia Lacquer,owned by Morey a former writer,and her daughter Aubrey,who is a college student currently studying nursing.Black Dahlia Lacquer is opening with a BANG October 3rd at Noon CST with 3 beautiful collections. Pre-sales will open today September 30th in both of their shops AND there is a 10% off discount during pre-sales only!!!! Excited yet? Well get excited, Black Dahlia Lacquer sells only 5-Free vegan nail polish.
Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you 6 of the 12 shades from the Fall 2014 collection line. I in fact have the entire Fall collection which has 12 rich fall colors.The other 6 will be in a separate review,that way I don't flood you with tons of photos.I also have to comment on how beautiful her bottles are.They are a very unique shape which I have seen no other indie brand use.I LOVE these bottles!!! Also the nail polish bottles have nice matte caps with flat brushes.You can't EVER go wrong with flat brushes,that's just my opinion though.
Let's check out these gorgeous lacquers below!

'Sweetheart Bouquet'
This is described as a magenta jelly with small purple glitters,mediumn royal blue hexes,mosaic blue and violet glitter and iridescent glitters.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.This polish applied very nicely with no issues.This is such a perfect crelly. The glitter and the base are a perfect combo.

'Japanese Painted Fern'
This is described as a brown-tinged grey shimmer with purple glass fleck.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.This shade applied smoothly with no issues.I am a huge fan of grey polishes.It's one color that I can wear for a week straight without having the need to remove it.You can't see the purple flecks in my photos very well,but in the right lighting they pop.Another stunning combo!

'Blood Roses'
This is described as a oxblood red cream.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.Blood Roses has a glossy finish and the consistency of the formula is perfection,not to thick or to thin.This is another color that's a must have.This shade will look fab with any skin tone.It's one of my favorite shades in this collection. I go crazy for fall colors!! I actually prefer fall colors over pastels and neons.

'Ocean Hydrangea'
This is described as a cornflower blue cream with blue and gold microflakies,(an alternative cream version of Beach Hydrangea).
I applied 2 easy coats and a top coat.I mentioned above that this polish has blue and gold microflakies,I can't really see the blue microflakies but the gold pops out really well.Either way this is a beautiful shade for the fall season.

'Basket of Gold'
This is described as a multi-dimensional full coverage gold glitter(alternatively one thin coat can be used as a glitter topper).
I chose to apply Basket of Gold as a topper.I applied 1 coat of Basket of Gold over 2 coats of Blood Roses.I just happened to take every polish out of the box and when I looked down I saw both Basket of Gold and Blood Roses side by side and instantly I felt it was meant to be.They had to be paired together,it would just be oh so wrong not to. Don't they look perfect together?
Coming Soon:I will be doing some nail art with Basket Of Gold soon.Till then keep your eyes peeled!!

'Blooming Wysteria'
This is described as a light purple crelly with medium neon green hexes,light blue squares,larger aqua hexes,and smaller turquoise and periwinkle glitter. 
I applied 2 easy coats and a top coat.As with any crelly polish you will have a bumpy finish,have no fear add a coat or two of top coat.I also use Gelous to smooth all the bumpiness out then add a top coat.I really like this polish.My favorite thing about it is the neon green hexes.It makes the color that much more unique.It kind of reminds me of pollen on a flower that has been scattered around by a busy bee. 

What are your favorite shades in this half of the Fall 2014 collection? I really love Blood Roses,Basket of Gold and Japanese Painted Fern.I really can't wait to you see the rest of this collection,you will literally have to hide your pocket book.What makes this company even better is that every color will be available in a 8oz bottles or a 14ml bottles.I love how the smallest bottle is 8oz and it looks identical to the full size bottle.
The 2014 Fall collection along with 2 other collections are now available for pre-order with 10% off of your order with a code.Be sure to follow Black Dahlia Lacquer on all of their social media and get that code!! October 3rd at Noon CST is when this line will formally launch.Links to both shops and media sites are posted below.

Oh an Update from Black Dahlia Lacquer!! The 10% code is below!!

Use code 10OFFPRESALE until October 3 to get 10 percent off your order AND an exclusive 8 ml polish! The code will work both at www.blackdahlialacquer.com and our Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackDahliaLacquer

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