Monday, August 11, 2014

Phiily Loves Lacquer:Violet Sanctuary Spa LLC Exclusive Polish's

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Today I have some beautiful blends made by Philly Loves Lacquer that were custom made exclusively for The Violet Sanctuary Spa LLC. These shades will only be sold at The Violet Sanctuary Spa LLC,you will not be able to purchase them anywhere else.They are also available for purchase!!
The Violet Sanctuary nail polish is a theme that Tia(The CEO & Founder of The Sanctuary Spa)came up with for her book launch party to put in gift bags.People actually loved the custom made polishes so much that she decided to sell them in her shop.
The Goddess Within is the first of the Sanctuary Goddess Collection,which is based off of Tia's book,To Be Goddess.
Let's take a look at these new shades below!

'Violet Sanctuary'
This is a lovely blackened dark purple polish with violet flecks and shimmer and a touch of scattered holo.
I applied 2 light coats and  top coat.This is such a gorgeous polish.The formula is perfection!I love how shimmer just POPS!
'The Goddess Within'
This is a sheer pink/peachy shiftier polish that has pink shimmer and a stunning micro holo sparkle.
I applied 3 light coats and a top coat with no undies for the top 2 photos.The third photo I applied 1 coat of The Goddess Within over a random red shade by Julep.The accent finger has 2 coats of The Goddess Within.The very last photo has The Goddess Within and Violet Sanctuary swatches on every other finger.
So as you can see this shade can be used as a top coat or you can apply it solo,it's whatever you like the best.I prefer to use it as a top coat.

Overall these colors are fab!They look stunning on their own or together.
For more information on these beautiful polishes be sure to check out all of of The Violet Sanctuary Spa LLC social media sites. The links will be below!

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