Monday, July 7, 2014

The Knotty Girl Brush by Coolway

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Today I have an amazing product to share with you from a company called Coolway. The product that I'm about to show you is called the Knotty Girl Brush. This brush is one of their newer products that's designed to eliminate breakage and pain that's associated with brushing hair.
Did I forget to mention that there will be a discount code at the end of this post?Yup,Coolway is giving all of my readers a special discount code on their purchases!!
Let's take a look at some photo's below.

I have been using brushes made by Goody since I was in high school.When I received this brush I thought there was no way this could be better than the brush and brand that I have been using for half my life.So I took the brush out of its packaging and starting brushing my hair. I was really in shock!! I thought that those soft flexible bristles couldn't get through the knots and tangles I had ,but they did. 
Let me tell you more information on this brush and brand.

Coolway is an award-winning hair care brand, founded with a vision of eliminating damage in every step of hair care and styling. From styling tools that work with low heat, to innovative cleansing products with no harsh chemicals, we believe in getting great results without damage.

This brush leaves you will 0% pain and 0% knotting.

Above you can see I have a photo of all the facts about this brush that came on the back of the package.

I really do like this brush.It feels like my head is getting a massage every time I use it.
As I mentioned above,Coolway wanted to give you(my readers) a promo code for a discount,well here it is.....mycoolway38 and you will receive 10% off of your Coolway order.

Here's where you can find the Knotty Girl Brush,Click Here.You can purchase it for $9.95.

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Disclosure: I was sent this product for reviewing purposes from Coolway for my honest opinion.

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