Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daphine Polish's Just Desserts Collection

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Today I have a stunning collection called Just Desserts by Daphine Polish.This collection is all holos and will be available for purchase July 18th in Daphine Polish's shop.This collection is inspired by all sorts of delicious desserts.I guarantee you will want something sweet at the end of this post. Ha!
The full size polishes will be available to purchase for $10 each and the mini's will be $4 each.
Lets take a look below at these stunning shades below.

'Peach Cobbler'
This is a peachy orange holo with a red shift.
This shade applied sheer so I applied 3 light coats and a top coat.This applied perfectly with no drying issues.
'Blackberry Jam'
This is purple holo with a strong blue shift.
I applied 3 light coats and a top coat.Top coat is not needed,I just applied top coat to get a faster dry time.Every shade in this collection has a natural glossy finish.
'Green Apple Tart'
This is a bright green holo with a gold shift and microflakies.
I applied 3 light coats and a top coat.
This polish is inspired by green apple tarts.I have personally never tasted a green tart but they sure do sound tasty.
'Cherries Jubilee'
This is a stunning deep pink holo with a golden shift.
I applied 2 light coats and a top coat.this is my favorite shade in this collection.It has a bright holo shine.I think this shade would look beautiful on any skin tone.
'Blueberry Pie'
This is a blue holo with a tiny green shift.
I applied 3 light coats and a top coat.The formula was amazing to apply.I didn't have any issues with this collection at all.

This whole collection will be available tomorrow,July 18th.You will have the choice to purchase the mini's for $4 each or the full size polishes for $10 each.
This collection left me a bit hungry for something sweet.I chose to eat a piece of pecan pie since I have none of the above desserts. LOL OHHHHH,This collection is totally missing pecan pie!!!Maybe that will be another collection. A light brown holo with copper flakies or glitter!!!!That would be my version of the Pecan pie holo polish.
Now getting back on track:You can find out more info on the collection by checking out all of Daphine Polish's social media sites.I will post the links below.

Which shades are your favorite?

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  1. My favorite ended up being Peach Cobbler just cause I have nothing else like it. Joanne said that she was gonna create some more holos so maybe well get a Just Desserts 2.0 and a brown holo would be a fabulous addition! Beautiful swatches :)

    1. Oh that's great news!!! I can't wait to see what colors the next collection will have.