Monday, June 16, 2014

The Southern Beauty Box for June:Part 1

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Today I have a new monthly box called "The Southern Beauty Box to show you.Instead of showing you the whole box in one post I will be showing you the items is separate posts.This monthly box will include Limited Edition polishes from Creations By Lynda, Down The Bayou Lacquer and Cinema Swatch Lacquers.There will also be a 5ml cuticle oil by Creations By Lynda and a 4oz nail polish remover and one Finger Fizzie by Cinema Swatch Lacquers included in each box.
The Southern Beauty Box is now available for pre-sale until June 29th for the low coat of $35.You don't want to miss out on these limited edition items.
The theme for June's box is "New Orleans".Today I will be showing you Creations by Lynda's contribution to the box.This box will only be available for purchase in Creation By Lynda's shop.
Lets take a look below.

"Brass Note"
This is a clear base glitter polish packed with brass colored glitter.
I applied 5 light coats and a top coat in the photos above.I also did simple chevron nail art on my ring finger.
I the future I think I am going to use this polish strictly for a top coat and not use it as a full coverage polish.In my opinion,using 5 coats is way to much and can be time consuming.Although it is stunning when used as full coverage,it is also even more beautiful over another solid colored polish.
This is a cuticle oil that will be included in The Southern Beauty Box.The scent is called Praline.The scent is not for me.I prefer floral or citrus scents.It is very strong and smells like syrup of course.If you like the smell of syrup this cuticle oil is for you.Whats nice about it is you can wear the smell of breakfast on your fingers all day long!

This box is going to be a good one for this month.You definitely don't want to miss out on all these goodies for the great price of $35.It will be available for pre-sale until June 29th so get yours before they are gone!Stay tuned for more information and products in this box.
Reminder:This box can only be purchased in Creation By Lynda's shop.I will post the links below to direct you to her shop ect.

What do you think of The Southern Beauty Box so far?

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  1. Lovely glitter! I think the black chevrons were a perfect touch