Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Me.Lissa Nail Lacquer:Swatches and Review

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Today I have some beautiful lacquers by Me.Lissa Lacquer. I have reviewed for her once before and I am so excited she contacted me to review for her again. Her creations are so amazing, not just 1 or a few but all of them!! She also has new bottles. She switched out the round bottles for the squared ones which is so much better, especially for storing purposes. Lets take a look below at what she sent me.
"Nocturnal Fairytale"
This is a pink/purple base with sapphire,red,lavender,sliver and red glitters.This polish is a part of the "After Dark"collection.I applied 2 light coats and a top coat. This went on very smoothly. This polish is absolutely stunning.I really like the holo mixed in with the glitter.

"Don't Break My Heart Tonight"
This is a maroon base with multi colored holo glitters, gold stars and black heart glitter. I  applied 2 light coats with a top coat. This polish was a tad thick but applied perfectly. I love love the black hearts.This is a part of the "After Dark"collection.

"Midnight City"
This is a grey jelly base with red,blue,black,yellow hexes, black squares and stars and white rectangular glitters.I applied 3 coats and a top coat. This is a very smooth formula. I am a sucker for the color grey and it being a jelly makes me love it that much more. I do not see this in the shop right now but keep checking in the shop. I'm sure it will be in there real soon.I'm thinking this is a part of the "After Dark"collection.

"Dream Girl"
This is a purple jelly base with multiple colored holo glitters,sapphire and silver moon glitters.I applied 2 light coats with a top coat. This is a part of the "After Dark"collection.

"Midnight Blues"
This is a gorgeous blue holo base with blue, sapphire,purple,lavender and silver glitters. This is my absolute favorite polish ever. It has a little bit of everything and it all fits together perfectly. This polish is just amazing. I applied 2 light coats and a top coat. It applied soooo smooth. This is a part of the "After Dark"collection.

Altogether I enjoyed every one of these polishes. The colors are so pretty and the formula was perfect. It was so much fun painting my nails with these 5 colors from the "After Dark"collection. Which color was your fav?Have you tried out  any of Me.Lissa's creations yet? All of her info will be posted below. Go and check her out!!

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