Wednesday, February 5, 2014

HNA Hand Care Review

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Today I have something to share with you that I am extremely happy to have on my blog. I have some hand care products from "HNA Hand Care".This company is really new and just recently opened shop. I have heard that they will be adding a hand cream to their shop soon. Whoot! Whoot! I think we can all agree that we can never have to many hand care products, am I correct? Personally I am addicted to hand products. To me you can never have enough. If you are like me you have 4 tubes of lotion in your purse, 3 bottles on your bedside and cuticle oil running out your ears. LOL Lets check out what I was scent below.
In the photo above we have a Cuticle Stick, Cuticle Oil and Hand Scrub.

"Hand Scrub"
This is a nice gentle scrub with micro beads and pink Pink Jojoba Spheres that gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, leaving behind super smooth and clean hands and cuticles. The scent I received is a new scent of theirs called Pink Sugar. I promise you that you wont stop smelling your hands. This scrub does lather really well, which is why I love it even more. I applied a small amount on my Hedge Hog nail scrubber and scrubbed gently in a circular motion.(The scrubber was not sent to me. It was my own.) Your hands might feel a tad dry so follow up with some lotion. I did notice that my hands felt smoother and my dead skin was gone. This product came in a small bowl shaped container which was inconvenient for me because I had to use a spoon to get the product out to prevent from making a mess.I contacted the owner of HNA Hand Care and I just suggested that he use bottles or tubes instead of the bowls. He did agree and for here on out they will be selling this scrub in 1oz bottles. YAY!!!!! Great News!! Visit their shop for ingredients.
"Cuticle Oil"
Cuticle oils are very simple to use. What I do is scrub my hands, apply lotion then apply my cuticle oils on my nails and all over my cuticles. I let the cuticle oil sit for a second then rub it in. If you do apply to much just rub it in all over your hands. This stuff literately feels sooooo soft and this Pink Sugar scent is absolutely my favorite scent EVER!  I even rub a small amount on my neck and arms because it smells and feels so good.

"Cuticle Stick"
This cuticle stick I found to be a tad odd to use only because I have never used one before. You can take the stick and apply the product straight onto you fingers but what I do is rub the stick with the tip of my finger and then rub the product onto my fingers and cuticles. If you look a the photo above you can see that this cuticle stick has plenty of product to last you for weeks or even months, depending how much you use it. I gravitate more to the oils just because I am used to them. Oh and don't put this beside your chap-stick. lol You might just apply your cuticle stick instead. Hahahaha

I really did enjoy using these products. The Pink Sugar scent will BLOW your MIND!! I really loved the oil and hand scrub. The cuticle stick I have to get used to. I really can't wait for the release of the hand cream. I hope it comes in the Pink Sugar scent. I just want to rub that scent all over my body. HNA has many other scents too. Have you tried out any products from HNA Hand Care? What did you think?

***Carrier oils are extracted from plants, flowers, seeds, nuts and vegetables. If you have any type of these allergies we recommend you not use our products.

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