Friday, January 31, 2014

Moon Sugar Decals Review: Valentines Day Mani

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Around the month of December I was contacted by Moon Sugar Decals to review their products. At the time I had never heard of them, they were a fairly new company. I was going through tough times because our grandpa passed away but later on I reached out to them gratefully agreeing to try out their decals. I got to choose which design I wanted try and the decals arrived very fast.The sheet of decals I chose was the Valentines Day decals. It only made sense to chose them with Valentines Day being so close. Moon Sugar Decals has free shipping and 120+ designs to choose from. I also have a special discount for my readers. Yay!!! I will have the code at the end of my post. Lets take a look below..
In my package I received my decals and a How To post card on how to apply the decals. The directions are extremely simple. This is what the card says.............
  1. Cut the decal to fit the nail(s). They can be used on natural or artificial nails. For natural nails, apply a base coat first. For acrylic nails, a base coat is not necessary.
  2. Place your decal in a bowl of warm water. It will curl up and then straighten out again. Once they are laying flat again, they are ready to slide off of the paper backing and onto your nail.NOTE:THESE ARE PRINTED ON A CLEAR FILM SO THERE IS NO WHITE INK. For best results apply to a white or light colored nail.
  3. Place the decal straight onto the nail in desired position.
  4. Dab dry with a tissue & finish with a layer or clear acrylic or top coat to seal.
Now I applied my decals a tad differently. What I did first was used 3 colors by SinfulColors and did the saran wrap technique. As for the decals I cut them to the shape I wanted them to be. Then put the decal in warm water in a bowl. Next I slid the decal off of the paper and dabbed it dry with a paper towel. The decals are in no way sticky so feel free to dry the access water off. Then I laid my decal to the side and applied a top coat to my nails.While my top coat was wet I carefully placed the decal onto my nails pushing it down gently, then I applied top coat over it.I did notice that some of the edges on the decals did stick up from the nail,even with top coat applied over it. What I did to solve that small issue was get acetone on the end of a nail art brush and tap the edge down. What the acetone does is pretty much melts the edges of the decal.Use the acetone with caution!!!!!! The acetone can damage your decal.Try to keep the acetone away from the actual image or else.

I did enjoy the Moon Sugar Decals and must admit I still need some practice. I usually make my own decals which is fun too.I had a lot of fun experimenting with these decals. I had a great experience and love how there is so many designs to choose from.

    Here's a discount code good for 20% off through the end of February 2014. 

Code: 204B1M

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  1. These look great. But why did you apply over a top coat and not as they suggested (most decals apply like this), Just curious.

    1. Thank you!! I applied them the way I did because the decal would not lay flat on my nail and would not stick to my nails.

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