Monday, October 21, 2013

The Devil Wears Polish

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Hey there! I really feel like I have not posted to my blog in forever. LOL Whenever I am not writing it feels as if I am missing something or forgot something but I would never forget about my baby or my readers. Speaking of missing something, you are NOT going to want to miss today's post. I am totally fan-girling over this particular lacquer creator. She makes the most amazing, the most beautiful and the brightest holographic polish I have ever seen. Her name? Her name is Tami from The Devil Wears Polish. I have been stalking her ever since she was blogging and then she surprised us all with this secret power she has with creating blindly beautiful Holos. Diamonds in a bottle if you will.The holos she makes reminds me of Color Clubs holo polish line.In the near future Tami will also be releasing 3 types of color-shifting pretties. Want to know what they will be? Ok....! She is creating duo-chromes, super chromes and ultra chromes. Excuse me while I scream for joy and do cartwheels all over the place. I am so excited to see these masterpieces. I however had the pleasure of testing out her first batch of duo chromes. She is going to be tweaking them a tad for their release to get them perfect.She did have a bad allergic reaction to the Chromaflair but she is recovering now and is ready to test the water again.
Enough chit chat for me. Lets take a look shall we?..
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From left to right..
Paint it BlackTequila Sunrise and Venom

This is "Paint it Black"
This is a black holographic linear polish. I only had to apply 2 light coats . I had mentioned on one of Tami's post that I thought it would be so awesome if she made a black linear holo and what do you know...she made one! There is really nothing that women can't do. She is the best!! Her holos are so bright.You will see the rainbow in artificial light and in sunlight. Prepare yourself for when you do see in in sunlight. My words when I first saw it in sunlight was..."OH SHIT"! it is that stunning I kid you not. Trust me my photos does not do it justice.This color will be released in today's restock.
This is "Tequila Sunrise" 
This is a color-shifting ultra-chrome. It shifts from Auburn to a toasty peach/golden color in different angles of the sun.In the photo above I posted a comparison of Tequila Sunrise in different angles in the sun.There is a lot of shimmer in this color. I applied 2 coats but one coat is perfect. This is the first batch that Tami from The Devil Wears Polish has made. I tried it out for her so she could tweak the formula to get it perfect. This batch was a tad thick but she is making a 2.0 version and wont be selling this version you see above. I am telling you this color is absolutely stunning. I cant wait to try her reformulated version. This is my first time trying a duo-chrome and I am in love. They are so cool!! This will be released in her next restock. (Not Today's).
This is called "Venom"
This is a very dark purple duo-chrome. In the sunlight you can see all the beautiful blue and pink shimmer. To me this color shifts to a dark purple to a slightly lighter shade of purple. Out in the sun the pink and blue shimmers will defiantly catch your eye.I applied 2 light coats. The formula for this one was perfect. It applied smoothly with no issues. This also will not be released until her next restock.(Not Today's)

You can not go wrong with any polish from The Devil Wears Polish. Every single one of her creations are perfect and just stunning. I have purchased 7 of her holos and I am wanting to get every single one of them and now with her coming out with duo-chromes I know that I will have to add them to my collection as well. Thank you Tami for creating the perfect holo. If I could I would fill up my swimming pool with these holos and swim in it till I could not swim anymore. hahahaha Be sure you check out her shop and Facebook page. You don't want to miss out on what she comes up with next.

What do you think about these beauties? Which is your favorite?

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  1. OMG!!! Your pretty I could cry! Thank you for the awesome review and for helping me create kick ass color-shift pretties :)

    1. Your so welcome!!!!! Your polish is amazing and it was a privilege to review them for you <3