Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Down The Bayou Lacquer Review

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Today I have 7 beautiful polishes to show you. Jodi from 
"Down The Bayou Lacquer" sent them to me for reviewing purposes. I have a mixture of polishes from her "Meet the Quack Pack Collection" Halloween Collections ect. Some of the colors that I will be showing you are not released yet. I will let you know which one are available and which ones will be coming soon.
Lets check out these lacquer lovelies!!!!
From left to right are....
I will Fight to Survive  VooDoo Queen, The Myrtles,
Oh Uh-Uh, Crawfish Boil, Hand Grenade and Yuppie Girl

What I am about to show you is some of "Down The Bayou Lacquer's" Halloween collection.
"The Myrtles"
  A famous plantation house located here in Louisiana. It is rumored to be haunted. And a big tourist attraction for Halloween time.
This is called "The Myrtles"
This is a Sea Foam Green with beautiful iridescent flakes mixed through out the formula. This is a sheer polish but can be opaque with 3-4 coats. I also applied a top coat. This color is listed in the shop for $9.75.

"VooDoo Queen"
Inspired by Marie Laveau they said to be the original queen of voodoo in new Orleans. She is said to haunt the cemetery where she is laid to rest. Also another great place to visit. St. Louis cemetery#1.
"VooDoo Queen"
This is a clear based glitter topper. It has a mixture of holo and iridescent glitter along with Purple and Black flakes with medium and small Black hexes. This is the perfect topper to make all your dull colors POP! I applied 2 coats of "VooDoo Queen" over 2 coats of Julep/Joy. This is available in her shop for $9.75
Now these polishes below are not a part of the Halloween Collection
This is called "Crawfish Boil"
This is a deep Red polish with alot of gorgeous shimmer.
This polish is Excatly the color of boiled crawfish. We eat crawfish at my house at least 4 times a year. That stuff is delicious. I applied 3 light coat. This is available for $9.75

This is called "Oh Uh-Uh"
This is a Navy Blue holographic polish. I applied 3 coats but 2 is enough. This is a really beautiful polish. It is available to purchase for $9.75 I had absolutely no issues with the formula or applying.

This is called "Hand Grenade"
This is a bright neon Green jelly polish with Black hexes of all sizes and black squares.Hand grenade is inspired by the famous New Orleans drink. I applied 3 coats to get it opaque. If you would like more black glitter you can add a fourth coat without it looking to thick. This color is available for $9.75

This is called "Yuppie Girl"
This is a nice Lavender Purple polish with all sizes of Whites hexed glitter. I applied 2 coats but I recommend applying 3 coats to get more of that beautiful glitter on your nails. I do recommend using a top coat with this one. The glitter can make it look a tab bumpy which is totally normal. This color is not yet released but is coming soon.

This is called "I Will Fight to Servive"
This is a light pink base with Black flakes and large Pink hexes.I applied 3 light coats with a top coat. This color is not yet released and will be coming soon.

Over all I did like the formula and the beautiful colors. Jodi the owner of "Down the Bayou Lacquer" is so sweet. If you ever have any issues or need help concerning her creations just send her a message and she will get back to you and answer or help you with anything you need. Check out her Facebook page to see upcoming releases and giveaways.

**Down The Bayou Lacquer Info**
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