Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tiger and Cheetah Nail Art

Hello and welcome back!
Last night I had a HUGE scare. I logged in to my blogger account and a box popped open saying my account was suspended. I was in tears and couldn't believe it. With help of some friends I did not give up and I kept trying everything I could to get my blog back.
Thank you all so much for all of the support.
We all know that is a bloggers worst nightmare when something happens to our blog. (Our baby.)
I am so happy be back. 

On another note I have been experimenting with stamping plates. I bought a good amount of stamping plates from various store on the internet. I am in love and now addicted with stamping. It is alot of fun once you get the hang. This plate I stamped with today I bought from Ebay for $5.00.
Lets look at what supplies I used to create the mani.
I used......
  • China Glaze/White On White
  • Konad stamping polish/Black
  • HK Girl top coat
  • Bondi/Chasing The Sun
  • Konad stamping polish/Brown

This is the stamping plate that I purchased from Ebay
This plate is amazing and easy to use. The image come up perfectly on the stamper I used.
What I did was paint 3 of my nails white with China Glaze/White on White and painted my ring finger orange with Bondi/Chasing The Sun
I applied HK Girl top coat to speed up the drying process
Next I used Konad/Black to stamp over the white and Konad/Brown to stamp the Cheetah.
 You can just see how great the tiger and the cheetah came out. To use this plate I think the animal images will  only work best with longer nails because of how big they are.

If you would like to purchase this plate just click HERE
They ship out super fast and I got my pate in no time.

Thank you all for reading!!!!!
Ya'll Come Back!!


  1. Gasp! I need this plate!!! *runs to ebay*

  2. You make it look so easy :) You have quite the talent! So glad that everything worked out last night.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for letting us see this in action! I have seen the plate before but wasn't sure of the image quality

  4. the one in the picture on the ebay site looks different from yours. I remember seeing someone posting a picture of both plates and one worked well, the other one didn't... I am hesitating to buy it :(

    1. Its the same plate except I took the blue wrapping off of mine

  5. Casey I can assure you this is the same plate. I went to my eBay purchase history and this is the one. The 2012 was not on mine but it is the exact same plate :)

  6. love it! i need that plate!!! i'm a new follower, hope you will follow me back on my blog : )