Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello Kitty Nail Art

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Over the weekend I have tried something that is new to me. I have seen many people do this technique and I had to try it. It is called the Stamping decal technique. 
What this is is a newer method to add more color to your stamping images.
This is how to make them...
  • Choose an image you want on your stamping plate
  • Apply your polish, scrape and stamp to your stamper
  • Leave the image on your stamper
  • Color in your image with polish or acrylic paint
  • Let Dry
  • Then apply top coat over the image and wait for it to dry
  • Peal the decal off the stamper
  • Cut the decal to fit your nails
  • Apply top coat on your nails and apply the decal to the wet topcoat
  • Then apply top coat over your nails to seal it all together
With all that being said lets take a look at my finished results. Keep in mind this was my first time. I am not a pro by any means . LOL

The Index finger I did mess up on. I did apply the decal on the wrong side. LOL So be sure you apply the painted side on the top coat. The ring finger is also done by the decal technique. I think its pretty good for my first time but there is always room for improvement. The middle finger and my pinky nail are just stamped regularly.
Im not a huge fan of Hello Kitty but I thought What the Hell. 
A friend of mine over at Creations By Lynda LOVES Hello Kitty so I did them for her.
Lets look below at all the products I used to make this mani.
  • Above The Curve/Kiss My Asteroid 
  • SinfulColors/Tokyo Pearl
  • HK Girl Top Coat
  • Mundo De Unas/ Mexican Pink stamping polish
  • Konad/Black stamping polish
  • Indigo Bananas/A Thousand Dreams
My Online Shop sells this plate along with alot others.
I used 2 of the images on this plate for my mani.
This is plate V

That is all!!
 If you have any questions feel free to ask

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Thanks for reading!!!!
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  1. Aww you did these for me? I feel so special now. :D