Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Creations By Lynda Review

Well Hello There!!
I hope everyone is doing fantastic today.
I have lots of stuff to show and share with you today from 
Creations By Lynda.
Lynda is very good at what she does. Not only does she make polish but she makes candles, tarts, soaps and cuticle oils.
She has sent me some things to review for her. The polish is in her shop.  Check her page for updates on new releases.
Today I have a variety of those items I mentioned above to introduce you to.
Lets get this ball rolling!!!
The polish from left to right are called:
Purple PetuniaStrawberry Fields and Pink Champagne
This is called Strawberry Fields
It is a  light reddish colored scattered Holo polish. 
It was easy to apply. I did not have any issues with the formula when applying.
I applied 3 coats
I did use a top coat over this 
Sun Shot!
This is called Pink Champagne 
This is a very light soft pink scattered holo
I applied 3 coats to get it opaque
This color is so light but it is the most gorgeous pink that I have ever used so far .
Sun Shot!
This beauty is called Purple Petunia
This is a purple tinted crelly with purple and burgundy hexes .
I applied 3 coats
The formula went on smooth and the glitter was effortless to apply. The glitter came out on the brush with every application. (No Fishing necessary )
I did use a top coat

This is a sample of a tart made by Creations By Lynda
The scent I chose to review is called Lemon Chiffon
The warmer is mine and was not sent for reviewing purposes
Of course you need a warmer to be able to use this product
It did melt quickly and I placed it in my bathroom and it did make my bathroom fill with its wonderful fragrance.
I also love the shape the tart is molded to . It looks like a little flower.
Lastly I have the sample candles in the scents of Cinnamon Sick and Sugar Cookie
Let me just say WOW!!!!
They smell delish!!!! These were just samples and I placed them in my living room and they made my whole living room smell so good. I defiantly recommend Creations By Lynda's homemade candles. They are amazing. I defiantly need to purchase me some full size candles from her. The samples I have burned for at least a good 8 or 9 hours.
You will find a variety of scents and shapes of these products in her shop.
Whenever you have time stop by and check out all the goodies she has to offer. I just purchased some soap from her. I have never tried out her soap so I cant wait to see how it turned out and smells. I will post Creations by Lynda's info below to direct you to the right place.

Creations By Lynda Facebook Page HERE
Creations By Lynda Shop HERE

Thank you for reading Have a great Day!


  1. All 3 of those polishes are pretty but I LOVE the two pink ones (Big surprise right since thats my go to color lol) Strawberry fields looked fantastic in the pictures outside and I am a HOLO lover so I will be getting ground from the credit card again this week because I have to have them! Great review Jen (as always)!

  2. Strawberry Fields is like the PERFECT color on you. And need I say I love the white crelly?

    1. Ohhh... I know how you like the crelly's Tahlia lol. They are beautiful. Strawberry Fields is a color I really like. Thank you :)

    2. Thanks! So glad you like them. :)

  3. Thank you for the awesome review Jenn!