Friday, June 7, 2013

Pennington® Smart Feed™ Sprayer System

I received the  Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System from BzzAgent.  Pennington provided the product for me to try for free. The opinions I state in my review are mine and mine only.

I have been using the Pennington Smart Sprayer System for about 2 weeks now. My husband and I had recently planted a flower garden in front of our home. The flower bushes we not growing to their full potential. Luckily I had the Smart Feed Sprayer. After spraying my garden everyday it has made a huge difference. Here are some steps I took to get my garden to bloom .

1. Don't water your garden when the sun is out at the hottest part of the day. Wait till the sun goes down. Water in the late evening.

2. Make sure you only put 3 tablets in the Smart Sprayer

3. Set the Smart Sprayer on the spray setting that works for you

I like the Smart Feed Sprayer because I dont have to mess with the loose fertilizer and there is no need to measure anything. The tables save time.

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