Friday, May 3, 2013

Tweets Polish Review Part 2

Happy Friday Ladies!! Today I am doing a review on Tweets polish. This is the Part 2 review. The first time I used Tweets polish I did not have a good experience with the formula. So I did contact Tweets and sent them my blog to see what they thought. They did contact me back immediately and told me I could have gotten a bad batch and that they would send me some more of their polishes to try out and see if I have a better experience with those. The first polishes I purchased were horrible. There was  particles in the formula which made it difficult to work with. I had a wonderful experience with the new polish they sent me for sure. They were mixed well, no particles and the formula covered my nails evenly.

For those of you that are not familiar with tweets.. The polish is water based. The company Tweets was launched in April of 2013. Tweets is available in 30 trendy colors. You can only purchase Tweets at Walmart for $2.97 each.

The water based shades are non-toxic and odor free and enriched with vitamins A, B, C, & D.
You also will notice the names for Tweets are very unique. They are acronyms . Very cool right? The bottles are 6.5 ml.

                                           (TGIF, FUMTC, B4C, CULA, & B4N)

This is CULA which means See You Later Alligator 
(1 Coat)
This color is very sheer. it is a little difficult to clean up around your nails because of the holo glitter is so fine.

(2 Coats)

This is B4N which means.. Bye For Now
(1 Coat)
This is a gorgeous shade of blue. It went on real smooth. I did not have any issue with this formula. I was very happy with it but be sure to wear a good base coat because it did stain my nails.

(2 Coats)

This shimmery colored polish is called TGIF which I think we all knows what that means
Thank God It's Friday!
(1 Coat)
This color is very pretty and I did not have any issues applying it. It goes on with no problems. Its a violet reddish color with a bit of shimmer.

(2 Coats)

Now this is the Base Coat and Top Coat polish Tweets sent me.
The top coat is on the left and its called FUMTC which means..
Finish Your Milk Top Coat
It does add a little shine but I did notice it does make the colors of the polish just a tad lighter when applied .
The polish on the right side is called B4C which means.. Before Color Base Coat

(Top Coat)

(Base Coat)

The bottles are so adorable and the lids are so easy to grip 

I do have to say I would not of bought Tweets again after my 1st experience  Now that I have tried them out again and I have seemed to get a batch that was good I would purchase a few new colors. I was really relieved to find out not all the Tweets polish was like my first experience.  Try their top and Base coat polish. I did use Tweets base and top coat on my nails in all the pictures.

If you would like to check out other colors I will post links below to direct you where you need to go <3

Tweets Facebook Page:

Tweets Twitter Page:

Tweets Website:

Tweets Pinterest:

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  1. I really like Tweets , I wish I could find them in my local store !

    You have such beautiful nail :) <3