Monday, May 6, 2013

Shimmer Polish Review

Hello Lacquer Ladies!

 Today I am bringing you swatches from Shimmer Polish. 
Shimmer Polish was very generous and sent me some of her handmade polish to review. I was so excited when I received my package and saw all the amazing shimmers. Who dose not like glitter? I know I am border line obsessed . I just cant help myself when it comes to glitter. 
Everything I state are my own opinions and mine only. I was not coached in any way what to say.

Shimmer Polish sent me 5 different beauties. One polish is called Jennifer which happens to be my name. How awesome is that. I have never owned a polish that had my name on it, it was not named after me but I still feel special. (Call Me Corny lol). You can purchase the polish from Shimmer Polish Esty Shop for $12.00.

Lets get started looking at some photos of the polish shall we. I am so excited to share them with all of you.
I will be showing you a couple different ways I applied the glitter.
Era, Kim, Jasmine, Nichole & Jennifer

On my nails is ZOYA /Phoebe which is a Matte Lacquer with
Shimmer Polish/Nichole glided on top.

 Nichole is very beautiful. It has a mixture of red silver and blue glitter. The glitter varies  in size.

I applied 2 Coats of Nichole over ZOYA /Phoebe

This is Shimmer Polish/Jennifer over Zoya/Naomi
To me this reminds me of a sheer body suit with shimmer. I dont know why. That's just my opinion. I think Jennifer looks so beautiful over a nude color.

She is so pretty. Im am not ashamed to say that I am in Love with this look.
Jennifer has multiple colors of glitter in it but some Jennifer's have black glitter in it. Mine did not. I have seen Jennifer with black glitter and it is gorgeous.

This is Jennifer over Zoya/Naomi
So shiny with full coverage

This polish is Shimmer Polish/Jasmine over Zoya/Josie

 Jasmine has light blue and green glitter

Isn't this so pretty. I just love my nails to shine.

Jasmine Full coverage over Zoya/Josie

This is Shimmer Polish/Kim over SinfulColors/Mauve
I think the color I chose goes perfectly with Kim.
Its just stunning

Kim has a beautiful mixture of blue and purple glitter.

Shimmer Polish/Kim full coverage over SinfulColors/Mauve

Lastly I have Shimmer Polish/Eva over China Glaze/White on White
This color is just breath taking. 
Its a Burgundy red with silver micro-glitter.

Eva was easy to apply but a little tough to clean up but the finishing results are so worth it.

That is all of the Shimmer beauties I have for now. I really hope you all love them as much as I do. The glitter was so easy to apply. The formula was perfect. I had alot of fun experimenting with them. There is so much you can do with glitter polish. I don't think having some Shimmer on your nails will ever get old at least not for me.

To check out more colors from Shimmer Polish's Line and learn more about 
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Get Some Shimmer In Your Life!


  1. My fave combo was Kim over Mauve, with the melting effect (Idk what it's called, but that's the best way I can describe it). ;)