Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spellbound Nails Polish review

 Hello Ladies! Today I bring you some pictures of some stunning polish and some different ways you can wear them. Spellbound Nails was so sweet and sent me a couple samples of her polish from her polish line  to review. I was so surprised and I feel honored to share her polish line with all of you. All of the polish made by Spellbound Nails are 3 free and hand mixed. Everything I say and  post are my opinions and mine only. I was not coached in any way on what to say or post.I am happy and so excited to share my pictures of how this amazing polish turned out.

This polish is so pretty. It is her new line and its a Alice In WonderLand themed lacquer line (Down The Rabbit Hole).
I absolutely love the color blue. I think it goes so well with my skin tone. I love how Spellbound Nails has decorated the lids on every bottle. The heart decoration is adorable. I did not have any issues with the hearts falling off when opening the polish which is awesome because I like my decorations to stay in tact. Lets get to some mani photos which I am so excited to show you all. I guarantee you will love this polish.

This polish is called Impossible Things. The formula is very smooth and easy to work with.
I used (2 coats) of polish in this photo.

(2 coats)

This is (3 coats) that I applied. Impossible Things sure does make impossible things look possible. I feel this polish will look good on any skin tone. It shines beautifully. I need to add I did not use a top coat in this photo and it still looks glossy.

(3 coats)

You can purchase Impossible Things for $8.00 for a full 15ml bottle

This is a glitter top coat but can be used by itself or over another polish. It is called Grin & Bear It. The polish has medium teal and  turquoise and silver glitter flowing through the bottle with very small black glitter surrounding the rest of the glitter. In this photo I have applied (1 coat) of the polish to my nails.

(2 Coats)

(2 Coats) 
Grin & Bear It can be purchased for $8.00 and is a 15ml bottle as well

(3 Coats)

(3 Coats)
For the finishing touches I applied a top coat .

How gorgeous is both Impossible Things and Grin & Bear It  together? It looks so amazing. I dont think I could ever separate the two. They belong together. Aww
I just added on one coat of Grin & Bear It on top of Impossible Things.. and BAM!!! There you have it a perfect combination.

If you would like more information on Spellbound Nails polish line you can check out her sites below. Her polish is sold at a reasonable price. You cant beat a great polish at a great price! 

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