Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Starlooks Subscription Box Review

I was so excited to finally get to try out the Special Edition February Starlooks box. Starlooks had sent me this box to review and try out.This specific box is Lauren Clarks signature set. If u have never heard of Starlooks, they are a monthly subscription cosmetics box.For now, the products in Starboxes are hand picked and chosen carefully to ensure that they'll work for the widest range of styles, skin types, and colorings. 
 The box is only $15 a month for 3 to 4 full size products. The boxes retail is $41. You most defiantly get your moneys worth and I dont know of any subscription box companies that can beat this price for full size products. Its a great price and worth it. Down below you will see all of the cosmetics I received in my February Starlooks Box. 

This is the box my products came in. I love pink and the box is too cute. It arrived to my home in perfect condition.

When I opened my Starlooks box this is what it looked like. Very pretty purple paper covering all the products. I also had a few cards. One card was about the makeup Artist Lauren Clark. She explains great ways to use the makeup that came in the box and there is also information about her background so you have an idea who she is. The other cards showed you how much the products are priced at and tells you more info one the makeup.

This is what I found when I opened my box. I was surprised. I could not believe that I received all of this great makeup in that small box.4 products in all. Plus there was a small quartz Jewelry in there which was a great surprise. 

This is a Lip liner pencil. The color is called Tipsy.The retail value of this Im not sure of.

This is the swatch from the lip pencil. It has a very creamy texture to it. It was fairly easy to apply. It dose not really have a scent to it. and is a flat color.
 (No Shimmer).

I applied the pencil to my lips and added a tad of gloss. This is a really great color. Very casual .

This is a eyeliner. Its called Princess Diaries. It retails for $15. It  is a waterproof , smudge proof pot eyeliner. It also is very creamy and goes on very easily. A great product with a little shimmer but not to much.

This is one of my favorites. This is called Barbie Fluid Blush. This is a perfect color for spring time. It retails for $15. To apply you can blend some on you fingers or use their 945 or 946 Brush and buff it on to your cheek. I have never used a cream blush that came in a tube before. I liked how it does not make a huge mess everywhere. Being in a tube is a plus for me. At least when ever its dropped I know that no product will be wasted.

This product is called Pink Oasis Lip Gloss. Why its called PINK Oasis I have no idea. Its a purple lavender not a pink. This retails for $11. Its sheer with sparking shimmer. I always have to have lip gloss with some shimmer so this gloss is perfect for me. It does not go on purple but it goes have a slight purple tint but its not bad at all. This gloss is not sticky which is wonderful. I have had many many lip glosses that were very sticky and made my lips feel glued together. This Gloss did not do that at all. My lips felt moisturized and smooth. I didnt notice any flavoring.

This is the how the gloss will look when its applied. You can see the beautiful shimmer it adds to you lips. You can also see that the applicator is a good size and is very soft. 

This was also in my Starlooks Box. Its a small Quartz. Its real cute. I think Im going to make a necklace with it. Do with it as you please.

There are some major perks about the STARLOOKS BOX:
  • Free Shipping on all orders under 10 lbs.
  • You get Starbox points for getting a box every month. Earn a point for every dollar you spend.
  • 100 Points gives you 10 STAR DOLLARS toward your next purchase

If you would like to try STARLOOKS out which I do recommend click on the link I posted below to read more about their company or to purchase pone of their amazing boxes.